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a really good game thing ..... ... .. .

it is really good. i really like this., it was fun and challenging make more.

it was really good ,my friend

it was good, however it needs moreopictures, dunno, a picture depicting the force of earth and the law of physic ,and to be shown pi just before the animation of movement will showed. however ,i think! you should also add, a animation of the sory, but with a more interest in animation. like, for example ,doing one chair , and a man to sit, and a baseball, and other , and etc.
however, add these, and some sound of the narrator, and it will be coo and niiice

Wilio responds:

Thanks, more will come(More animation in picture) in volume 2!

i liked it.

i liked it, it was good and challenging.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks, I enjoyed making it.

good.but not awesomeness

it was good.but not very great. try improving the graphics, add some sound, make more levels and controls, more music, such thing

Maxaroni5 responds:

turn up your speakers dude :D there is music!

it was good.

it was good. and helpfull. i also liked how you do explain and show the actions of what will happen when we will insert the codes into our flash , and how you expl;ained how to do it
good job..... but the sound was a little bit too loud.

demonslayr responds:

sorry about the sound, I was working on my tablet, so it didn't sound that loud. Thanks for the review! I might make better tuts later on.

i think it was good.

i liked it, and i have to tell you the truth, when i played it, for the first minutes, the intro loud sound annoyed me, but when i got to the game, i saw it was cool. now ,even if im not a fan of those games, <<built your own city>>, or <<make your own background>> or <<make your own enviroment things>> , i have to say, that i liked it, and its good for its kind.its a good game.

Clock-Sgt responds:

Well your right teh intro music is starting to annoy me too, so I added a skip intro so it doesn't have to annoy poeple.

good, but...

good, but instead of a dress up, make a movie, or a game.thanks.

good job.

its a nice madnes dress up. i liked it. but i8 would prefer to see a movie from you, rather than a dress up.however, its a good job.

pretty good game.

i liked it, challenging.

freeworldgroup responds:

yes... and thanks for the 5 : - P

pretty good.

it was fun, and i liked it. yeeeeaaahhh.

freeworldgroup responds:

glad u liked it butttt... only a 5? sheeesh : - P

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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