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it was really good!!!!

it was really good, and i liked it...i believe Chuy did a good job, (even if i dont know him) ,but AND Shinzoh, because he drew the whole thing.it was good. make it longer. (more options) thanks.

it was good, and i liked it....but.....

it was good, and i liked it, but there is a problem.it needs improve ment.you should fix things ,like the buttons. the button start, and instructions, and level, select as well ,stuck, in the first five or six seconds.then, when you go back to the main screen ,they re working fine.please fix this. also, the game is with little levels.i mean, make more, i mean ,like 5 or seven......however, also ,you must correct the movement of the main ,character.make him WALK and backwards.all that stirring ,is driving me, crazy.sorry but i had to say iiiitttt.because its really hard to move him that way.. also, add a back story.like a flash movie ,that explains us how the hero got here.also, draw your character, in that movie, (the main character) to show us who is doing ALL that STEALTH work.however, the games is good.just improve this, and you will be
alot better with this...try it.....yeah.thats it.

Axlenz-FlashElite responds:

That will be in teh sequel

it was good, BUT!!!!!

i think it was good, but you should improve some things. the whack counting was perfect. so , quit it guys and click at the head of the mouse ONLY when its fully out of the paper box thingy.got it?
however, you must improve the game, and make them, first stop shouting (the mouses) when they get out of the box (that hey sound) because when they get all by once, they all shout <<hey>> at once, and, its bad, to frankly, annoying.however, the sound they do, like oh!!! when you whack them (or hit them,) its pretty funny. keep it. also, make the song loop over (to start again, when the track is over) because at the 6 seconds, before ending the game ,the music sopped and it lost all the atmosphere it, had.if you dont know how to loop a song, then watch in the tutorials, the ultimate tutorial, 2.(and i KNOW its just the 6 seconds before it ends, but i think it would be better if the song played at all the game, im pretty sorry about thi). s however, also, add a backstory. it will be fun. (like a mouse got your chees, but you managed to hunt it, and you found it on a paper box!!!! take your revenge!!!! and in the ending screen, make yourself, holding the mouse in your hand, having an expression of happiness and revenge, and then , show to the player how many times he whacked the friggin mouse! it will be fun!!!! please, if you want, do these.it will make your game even better.thanks. bye....yeah...

TonioMiguel responds:

I have to say your ideas might earn you a slot on my second edition. I like the plot idea...Hmmm.... I think might just finally be able to mix in a claymation to add to the madness of this game.

Thanks a million you know how help programmers out! Gold star for you!

now, this game was good.

now, this game was good, but there are some things to improve.first, add some levels.being the same thing got boring after a while.secondly, those were some cool enemies, since the soldiers were ducking if you missed, and that was a great reaction.also, that sergeant guy in the tank, was cool (also, he was carrying a sword!!!!!) however, i think you should make the game in a way to add more and more new enemies, every one, or if you want it to be more challenging, in every five levels.so, add more type of enemies.this will add a new spice in your game.third, add a timer, not really neccessary ,since this game was awesome, but i think it would be cool to have a timer showing, in reverse time how much time has left untill the wave of enemies is over.(in each level, right?? eh?) however, i think you should add a health meter for the character too.im sorry for saying this, i know that you have mentioned that in your comments, but i think i would like to resay it , in order to say that is a thing that must be done.also, add a pausing screen, that will appear on the screen ,each time the level ends, asking you if you want to procced in the next level, or if you want to do some upgrades to your character or to the fort, or to thy gun (add an upgrades screen, were you will be buying upgrades by your points.) .add also, a back story, explaining WHO is that main characer, what is he defending, and who he is fighting against with.thats some things for improvement.overall, its a really nice game.bye.

ShrimpLock responds:

Wow a long review, and I'll keep those in mind.

it was good...

it was good...but the music wasnt really good.yeah.thats it.

it was really nice..

it was really good.it was a really good game! congrats, man!

flash-flood01 responds:

thanks a heap, i tried my best

it was really good.

it was really good.and educationall.i was knewing about those illusions ,but i never thought it was that in how much speed you see them, thats how you can control the stress.in short, if you see them fast, you have a serious stress problem.if you see them slow, then you dont have any problem with stress.however, i saw them all slow, and i have to say what freaked me the most was the, third, and the last in the installment.it was having waves, and they seemed to be moving forever!!!! for a still picture, it was amazing.good job with this, i hope it stays.good job with that.thing.thats it!

it was a really good game...

it was a really good game, and i liked it....i hope it passes.yea i do......its cool.thats it!its very fun, but you should add some backgrounds or some new levels.other than that, good....yeah......thats it.

fun little game.

it was a fun little game.it was good, i think.....yeah...

it was good.

it was good, but, it had an important mistake (flaw) .it wasnt very originall, it was like starship seven, (heck, u even used the same sounds) ,and the sounds were really loud.so, please, turn it down a bit.and when you loose, make it to restart on the level that you have lost, and not in the previous level.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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