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i was, good..

it was good.

it was really good.

it was really good ,and it was really good, for a sequel.but there is an important flaw.you must add more enemies from time to time, every time the score gets higher, and to make many crazy enemies, in large numbers, like planes ,crates magicians ,cars ,guys with mexican hats (like in your fisrst one) and make them appear each time time the score raises at some point.for example, when the score goes to 100.000 andafter, add a car, and from then, on each 10.000 points, add a new enemy, for example the guy in a mexican hat, or the magician.keep adding and making alot of enemies, because after a few seconds after the 100.000 it got boring.so, add many, many enemies..... also, those weapons were great, but you should add more like flood, earthquacke, swords, cars running. (i loved the piano attack in your hfirst one) so do this, and your game will become even better.also, you should add an ending in that one too, because it would be cool.on the 100.00 points, add a weapon that causes mase destraction like a bomb, or a portal destroyer, showing a flashing gate, or a time machine, that lapses the time.... and a dimension groover, a machine that would massively mess the dimensions with eachother and cause chaos in the word.or a explosion machine,(you could also use thoase ideas for attacks like this) dunno, and in the ending, show the pc to blow up, and the character to end up trapped in the dimension, fighting with the things he was destroying.that would be a good ending.add these and the flash will be alot better.

it was good, i guessssssssss.

it was good, and i liked it, it was pretty cool and smooth.also, it was fun answering the questions about the song ,even if i dont know the dude.however, nice introduction of this guy.his music sounds cool.i guess.so, keep it up dude..... thats it.yea

Billy-Bean responds:

Thanks a bunch! I put a nice bit of effort into this and I'm glad people are taking the time to get to know Bad-Man-Incorporateds work. Naturally he has much more work that deserves as much credit as these seven songs do, so I'll probably be making a sequel or two to this. I'll also be making them for other deserving talented artists as well. Thanks a bunch!

~Billy Bean

it was good, yeah, good....

it was good, and really smooth.thats it.keep this up.ok

it was good!

it was good. however there are some things i wanna ask.first were did you found that music? i mean, i have heard it before, but i dont know what the name is and b y who is created.secondly while i got to play the solitaire (the tic tac toe was great and the hard mode was challenging) i faced a problem.when i was dragging the green dots, i didnt knew were to put them because every place of the board i tried, but i couldnt find out.could you help me with this one?

Sythen responds:

I got the music from metal gear 3. Uhh... Solitair is basicly to jump over each peice til one piece is left, if there is no move left, restart.

it was good.

it was good, but the flash character thingie is stiill moving pretty slow, also, in the front page mode i think the 0s and the 1 are coming too fast and too much on the screen and its impossible to get a good score there.also the same for the elimination mode, but thats meant to be difficult.however, improve the moving speed of the flash (the thing that moves in the screen) and make it to move a little bit smoother, and faster.other than THAT i believe its good.

it was good

and very long, so its good, also it was challenging,i liked the part were you had to beat the buttons.

connemaraproductions responds:

thanks! 4 10's in a row...i'm getting excited!

hey man

chuck norris will bite you if he sees this,so better dont offend chuck norris.he bites people in the.....hemm lets be serious.its a good quiz, and fun to take so, goiod job.also liked the song.and stuff.yeah

i think its, good, why not?

well, i think its good,i personally think its ptretty goiod, so, i hope it stas.however, some important improvements must made.first, make a back button except of a next, i mean i wanted to see the previous page and i had to restart the whole animation to see it again from the begginning.so add a previous button, so you dont have to go over and over on the flkash movie rto see what was in previous...secondly, make a tutorial, with more subjects to talk about like tweening, or things that you like to explain to people.however, if you dont like adding new subjects,its good, but i think your movie would be more interesting if it had more subjects.also, add some music, you need to make your tutorial a more friendly tutoriall,like a more friendly!dont make it so faceless, it mekes it also boring.so, add some music, do not be very boring.and some colour would be nice.sorry if i get to your nerves, but i think you are good and you should improve your movie, if you want it to be popular.that.1

MrblueSky responds:

Ok I just wanted to say that review right there was awesome,I Think that you give a lovely opinion and great advice,
I did make a back button on my latest one and i was just not seeing that people might want to go back.
Thank you Christ the stick2 you made my day.

pretty good, i guess.

really good soundboard.just add more sounds.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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