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it was a good game concept, with a really intriguing idea (dennis VS kim? amazing, and real-life event too!). also, the game had simple, 8-bit graphics, but imo, this made it all the better.
i coudl even imagine the SNES or nintendo, or the mega-saturn box-art and commercials for the game, lol.

anyway, a good little game, and even it's INSANE difficulty marks just how much that even in basketball, the rules are made so that lil'kim wins (lol).
anyhow, a good little game.
i wonder tho, how can you get the ''much obliged'' medal? or the ''shut down'' one?
good game, overall.
it was funny.
do more stuff.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad you liked it, and I make games when I can. "Much Obliged" is just by visiting my site or AVClub.com. For "Shut Down D", you need to beat Kim without him scoring a single point. Good Luck!

it was a pretty difficult and challenging game for a xxx game, but it was good. i loved the graphics, they were very pretty, and the actionscript was great.
also, the ms. claus was very hot.

and to win this game: click and hold, right when santa looks elsewhere, and release the click(thats is, dont click) when santa starts to look on your way.
time your clicks and holds, and be quick in your reactions.

good game, overall, and pretty enjoyable.
i beat, and i won this game.

cool game, pretty fun to do.
next time, make a platformer without the 25 seconds limitation.

it had nice graphics, and funny sprites, did you draw them on your own, or did you used sprites?
either way, a very good first game!
nice and challenging, keep it up.

great little game!
cute, with festive feeling (at least that's how i felt!), with the red bricks, the furnace (that reminded me of a chimney), the santa-claus-like robot that never got activated (the power was never enough, even when i connected every cable and fuses) and everything had a great feeling of fesitivity.
i wonder, why the santa-claus robot (left from the furnace) never gets activated, even when you complete all the tasks, and restore the power?

a great game, with the feel of ''the submachine'', but in a more cheerful/happy manner, great work!

anyhow, great r riddles, and epic drawings, i loved playing this game, and i was happy when i found the new year!

also, nice music in the end, i liked it alot! what was it? happy new year!

great game, very cool, educative, and very, entertaining!
i got 26 on my first try, but that was because i confused the ''sunday afternoon'', and the ''lunch with rowers'' with each-other, and that i got a few mistakes on the couple painting on the first question.
i was glad to find that you've added the rarely shown (in games that is) ''saturn eats his child'' by goya, or the really cool work of dali, ''perception of memory'', or even the big wave(thats rarely seen on games, AND on TV).
great works, o love the arts and drawings of goya, botticeli, van ayk, raphael, rembrandt, vermeer, picasso, dali, velasquez, matis, klimt and so many more!
great work, and great job on educating people about art, in an entertaining way! bravo!

on my second try, i got it all. 30/30
great game, and alot of fun.

i will be fair, this was a good game, and it had a really interesting concept (disabillities and how hard it is to survive/do everyday stuff with them)
but man, this was TOO hard.

maybe you should tone down the difficulty a bit.

i mean, in both the illiterate, and in the nearly-blind, i got as far as the level with the teleporting/flashing blocks, and i was doing good, but
i could not stand in the starting point, due to the ''flashing blocks'' that kill you being all over the lower platform, thus, making it IMPOSSIBLE to have enought time to jump, calculate your jump, and to follow the pattern of the ''teleporting small squares''.
at some point, i managed to get on the small teleporting squares, and i even managed to get near the end of that level, but i died, and i had to start the same level again, so that was it for me.

if you dont want people to hate/quit your game, please, tone down the difficulty a bit, because the level with the flashing death-blocks, and the teleporting squares is IMPOSSIBLE to beat.
and iw as playing with the illiterate disability guy, which was the most ''intact'' person to play this game with.
(he could see, he could jump, he could obey my orders, so not reading wasnt too much of a trouble)

as for the other disabilities:

-crippled: a great ''starter'' type of character, he/she is v. slow, but all you do is teleport by the help of the wizard guys. good and funny at times (when the guy says ''i think i like it that you are looking at me like that'', lol) and it got very sad at other times, when some wizards wanted to kill him/her on purpose, but teleporting him/her right on top of the lava, or at the start of the level. oh man.
nice message, and nice work.

-illiterate: great type of character, i can do everything except from reading the signs (not really a disabillity, since you can easily learn how to read, being a dyslexic, now THATS a major problem in young intelligent people (geniuses had it, but it made reading hard as hell for them))
i did almost all the levels perfectly, except from the IMPOSSIBLE level with the flashing blocks of death.
(you could simply not stand in the lower ground with those flashing blocks all over the place!!!!)

almost-blind: great concept, it showed to everyone how hard it is to cope with such a major problem, and the game had that scary feel.
i did great, but i ended again at the ''flashing blocks of death'' level (see before)

spastic: great idea, but awful in game-wise action.
even when i did great in levels, the character simply jumped straight on the lava, or he/she dashed to the left-or right, and eneded up dying due to lava orbs, or due to the famosu now, blocks of death.
this along with the almost blind must be the hardest levels to beat.

anyways, all in all, good game, but tone down the difficulty in the last 2 levels ALOT, or noone wil ever beat/listen/like this game.

trust me. do it, and many more people will enjoy this game, and they will listen to it's important message.

also, in the next game(if u do one...) make sure to add more dissabilities (deaf, mute, armless, epileptic?!, shaky).

good stuff.

a good, and enjoyable game to play.
at times, the prehistoric level was very hard (the parts with the triceratops and the jumping from clifs, while time-travelling) but it was very nice and challenging in good way.
and the future level was very hard too,(especially when the robots, AND the TV's were both deadly, when you expect only the robots to be deadly, and not a destroyed TV....)
but it was also good, despite the increased difficulty.
as for the present level it was piece of cake, and fun,a nd the UNKNOWN dimension game was hard, but very good, excellent both in gameplay, puzzle, and in visual design.
very good, and challenging too.
i managed to get the hang of this ''unknown'' dimension on my 2nd, try, and i won the game then.
it was a very pleasant game, and i think you should do more games like this.
i loved the refference at the end, i love that film ;)
you shoudl also add some medals in this game, it would attract even more people in it.

good job, keep it up! and do more like this!

ok, a NICE game, overall!

i enjoyed this alot. first off, the nacho joke, i LOVED IT. i selected this almost every time i restarted the game, it was pretty fun....

now, about the game play. the buttons, and the quizzes were good, and the trivia/knowledge about them was pretty good.
i liked that you had 3 ''lives'' available in each quiz, so that if you did a mistake, you could try better at an other answer.
also, i liked that if you won a game, (lets say the ''biology class''), and you only had 1 heart/life remaining, in the next game/quiz, you had 3 hearts, so that you can have a sporting chance in the game to win! nice move.

what i didnt liked tho, was that if you chose a ''bad'' ending, or if you lost a quiz, it didnt had any checkpoints, and you had to replay the whole game again! AGAIN!
dude, you must always add checkpoints, and especially when it comes to quizzes.

tho, to be fair, everything else in this game was AWESOME, man!
i liked the evil demon girls, the drawings were pretty, and the sex scenes were cool.
i also enjoyed the humor in this game, and the answers that you could say to the receptionist at the start of the game, kinda funny (you dont sound too cheery, ''you have nachos?!'' etc etc) very nice addition.

i liked the surprise-twist-ending of the game, where you had to choose between leaving hell, and living your life again (i chose that on my first play), and ruling hell forever.
both endings had an awfully pessimistic and sad ending in them, and it was pretty depressing, but oh well!

i guess living life again was the best ending, because you can live your life again fully, and then when you die, you can go back in hell, and have an other try at the quizzes, haha :D

lastly, my score was OK, in the biology class, i did GREAT (flawless) in the english class, i was mediocre in the geography class, and i did GREAT in the history class.
a good game overall, and pretty funny, i enjoyed it alot.

if you like, you can make a sequel or two.
but remember what i said about adding checkpoints at some parts of the game.
it will help the game alot!

anyway, great job, keep it up, and do more!

great sex game, and quite fun too!
it ahd a nice lil story, plenty of sex scenes, and a nice puzzle of trying to figure out what each spell does, and how many combinations are possible.

good job!

pretty good, and funny too...
nice ending, i must add.

great game, challenging, and very interesting visually. surrealism!

well, in the beggining of the game, i like how you depict various areas of the brain, and their specific issues/ailments. is it very interesting, and adds a sense of mystery in the game. who is the person that the damaged brain belongs to, and how will we save him/her? (i am ssuming it's a ''her' since she had a ponytail)

so, i start doing the rooms, and im doing well, but BAM! i see the nightmare teddy bear with teeth, and i was scared, oh man.
but then, i solved the first puzzle. then, on phobia, i solved it easily, but i was struck by the image of the scary '''saint'' person, who gave you the pill.
very cool, reminded me of boss's paintings.
i liked your surrealistic painting on the ''sad-boat-man'' on the level of delusio, it was very artistic, and very pretty.
on the level of paranoia, i loved the boat with the man and the woman, flying around the elevator room with the fish.
this drawing reminded me of boss. was it boss, or your drew it based on hieronimous boss's works?
excellent, no matter what.
also, i liked the refferences to the room of psycopathy, the heart of psycopathy, being a bear that enjoyed slippers. haha! clever!
or, the part about dementia, i liked hwo that elephant man, reminded us of the hindu god vrahma, and how it transformed the fears into good things. (a piece of wool into a teddy, a rotten fish into a snail, and so on)

great work!
the ending was a bit of a let down, since it just showed you that you won, and it was ''the end'', but i guess it was good.
great surrealism in the game, keep it up, and do more games like this!

shaman4d responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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