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very well done!

a good game, and fun a too!
it's very fun, and tricky (when you try to move in the maze), but at least it's some good fun, and the difficulty is reasonable(in the final level, you get to choose amongst other ''paths''.

also, i hope you can unlock the ''scenes'' page somehow, since i saw a hint/nudge towards it.

the girls were sexy, the tips/info were/was usefull, and the whole game was enjoyable.

do more!

Veinom responds:

Yes lvl 10 is hard but its a multi-path, thanks for bringing it up!
and yes there is a way to get to the scenes directly but its a secret! ;)

good movie/game

tho, let me tell you:
@sherclock: how can i make games like this? plz help me in AS, so i can finally make a short-insupin pumpus mini-game.

@insulinpump: let me tell you something KID, YOU CANT KILL CHRIS THE STICK 2.
that's it.
and strawberry's nephew. so his bloodline is sacred, and epic.

@romancollar: god, come back from the army, and do movies , plz.


a good game, with nice graphics, even tho the back-ground, is simply black, or TOO fuzzzy. and the whole target of the game is fun too, to make triangle fondrette the III to destroy biological-clock.or is that the world? only carrot-clock knows.

HOWEVER. the re-do level button, has a glitch. if you click it, it starts the game over, and not the specific level.
i think ou should fix this.

other than that, a good game.

MUCH better than the first one

as i said before, this is MUCH better than the first one.
it's got difficulty levels (hated when i was dying every two rounds/second time i played by a horde). at least now, you can choose your diff. lvl.
ALSO! i loved the e ''equip'' button, because i could upgrade each soldier/person, and help him as i can.
also, hospitals, and technology parts were good.
i also liked the moral choises.
i ended up killing the evil cult, and just defending myself, until the chopper was built.
anyhow, i loved also, the ''learn skill'' abillity, when the soldiers/citizens-survivors, KEPT the skill(or more) they've learne'd, and keep upgrading their knowledge, instead of forgetting their previous skill, like in tha first one.
also, i liked the '',oral-choises''. very good part of the game, and kept my interest/attention r. up.
uhhh also a r, nice part... was, the ''alternate endings'' choises, and the ''keep playing function''
i hope this game has a save function.

overall: very good game, keep it up! very good work.

an epic movie-game!

while the controls remain the same, the objectives have slightly changed, but the main traget is tsill there: to have fun.
a very enjoyable game,where you have to throw your character into chaos, and let him perform some tasks.
i loved the mini-game/challenges, and the achievements, as well for the easter eggs,
even tho i disliked the part were you had to choose the REAL mona-lisa painting, among thousands.

tho, i LOVED the ''epicmeme'' movie, and the sparta, and all those rick-roll moments, as well, as the combo of the lyrics. VERY clever, and my personal fave in this game/movie.

excellent stuff, do more!

a great simulation...

...of pirate-clock's tuesday-evening. a wonderfull flash.
also, i loved the asshat parts, and strawberry clcok-that-cant B killed.

a fun little game, that features, EVEN THE FAMOUS- BED-CLOCK!!111
congrats. good game, keep making games.

fun game.

good game, fun, has good graphics, yet:
1. add more levels
2.add more plane upgrades/types of planes

3. add a difficulty, like ''easy'' ''moderate'' and ''hard''... but also a ''begginer'' difficulty.or

good game, tho, challenging!

very good...but!

very good game, but instructions should be in english too, and also, the levels/upgrading should have more weapons/defense stuff, and some mechanism, like walls, and/or special weaponry/units.

good game, tho. v. good.

great game.

quite challenging, fun, and amusing.
loved the upgrades.

uhh, do you fixed the bugs?
also, i expect to see more, and i liked the gameplay.
good drawings, and fun pixellated art. great art.(on makin a games)

an original game.

it's quite original, and innovative, and i found it great. loved the parts:
airplane security(AWESOME troll-drawing/animations...), the hippy mode, rainbow dash, and energy, rebel, the wikiplay, the inception, comic-books, movies, bieber (awfull haircut, doesn't he?) and guy who played that edward (same awfull haircut comment, still applies), but also miley cyrous. ugh. horrible.
and i also hate ke$ha. like a g-6. like a g-6.g-g-g-g-g-g 6. hate her.
i suggest more ke$ha kicks in the nest installment.
also, i found it VERY BAD, that you did the game with steve jobs, because he seemed like a nice guy, was a good person, a familly man, and he was very innovative, and a pioneer of technology, really.
so, it's a shame to make fun of him.

anyway, the game is good, and you should do more.
just, keep it clean, man. (no jokes on dead ppl, plz)
-even tho, i know this game was created long before the tragedy.

so, uhh good games, make more, and add the check points system to the next game, too, as well as the skip level scene.
ALSO: this, should have a ''movies-selection'', a scene/part where you can re-view/re-play the animations, and that gets unlocked after you beat the game.

you should add that. anyway, ok

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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