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very good! i lov'd itz

vry good gaim!
i liiiiked it, mayns


i liked it, and i loved that you dedicate- WHAT THE?! you dedicated this to all the others too?11

our relationship is a lie, sob sob

but still, i liked this game, only the bridge level was hard, i kept screaming

well it's

very good, fun and challegin

TheBrothersFreep responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad that you liked it!


i lov'd thes!
it started a bit simple, i will admit.. the boy had his village attacked, but then, when he fought with the thieves, and became a knight, it had the best cinematics, also, when he fought with the two guards, it was the best, while, when he shot the thief king with the fireball, it was the best!
also, the part that the hidden knight, who he fought with got injured, and turned out to b his best friend, was the best, very touchng, man.
also when he found out his enemy paladin was his cousin, that was a surprise! thankfully, the man who saved him was the hidden knight, aka HIS OWN dad
wonderfull movie/gaim

gets a five. great controls

hah 5'd!

great game, i really liked thisss...

yet, why it lags so hard at some points? i mean i have low quality, and the whole catapult shoots either too early, or too late, or it doesn't shoot AT ALL.

so yeah, great game, but help me there...

also i loved the game scenario mode with the level editor where you can create your own lvls, so this is a great game and you get my 5's, boy!

ahh.. nice!

yet needs, a BG, some sound effectz, and sum images/ pics, levels, whatever, anything that can GIV U originals game.
anyway, add some story 2 it, man

gets a fiv'd


pretty fun, yet add a neat save screen, and some graphics when you win/get next lvl.

also, do sum sweet graphics for the main character thingz

and err add a new one, its v. good


i thought this would suck, but i was wrong! and im happy! (oh man that wsa. funs on this)
and i liked it. parts, games, levels, and stuff.. pretty cool. also it was good that you could save your progress, pretty cool (i got frustrated when i lost and had to go again, but at least it was saved on the third level.)
and yes, cut scenes, where foolishly wierd, man..

but it was cool. i liked it, could you envolve the charcaters more?
or also add a fighting part versus that smiley?
and also i suggest you do some bigger buttons (so you click on the play button instead of a small area) and stuff. also you could make the characters get a backstory. but it was nice very nice for a new movis


very well animated,and it has great graphics, and nice sound.

also nice drawings.... its a fun game.. very neat n cool

funny game

i like it, fun.

swishcheese responds:

Im glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the review.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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