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a really nice and helpful guide for drawing clocks in an epic style.
your movie/game was a helpful tool in order for someone to be initiated with the mysteries of the clockcrew!

great job sir, thanks for adding me in!
happy clockday!

PhantomCat responds:


easy, tankman!

good survey, quite cool...

cool game, excellent photography, and a very challenging quest of hide-and-seek, my friend!
i beat this game in 12 minutes and 15 seconds, so i did well...

but it was difficult!

good game+pretty photos, keep it up.

it was strange and short in teh start, but when i started to talk and interact with the ''game'' itself, i gotta say that i had alot of fun.

one of the BEST no-games that i've ever played! ;)

great work, and do more games like this...

wow, this was a hillarious and awesome game!
i LOVED the guy's afce expressions as he was ''pleasuring'' himself, and the anxious expressions of him when he zipped his pants, and also teh face that he did when he got confronted by his ''dad'', it was epic!

i loved the climax moments as well, it was a great and hilalrious game, and i would play it again.
typed this with one hand!

PS: i reached a score of 570

wow, a good 8-bit game, with a twist: (SPOILERS) you have to ACTUALLY remove the dragon from the game.... and if you win, you are the true system wizard of the .exe!
glorious coding magic, and a nice gameplay/controls for the wizard.
some parts, such as the ''are you sure you want to delete the dragon (yes/no)'' part were hard to learn/use, due to the fact that the wizard could only move with the arrow keys, and he could NOT use any ''actions'' button.

but other than that, i figured it out, with a nicely timed hit.
thanks for not restarting the game from scratch every time i died, or else it would be a really unpleasant experience.


the use of checkpoints and the interesting story/layout/backgrounds/controls made a really good combination in this game.
also the story and the ending were quite original and funny.
good work, sir!

do more like this!

a pretty cool game, with a nice choice of deaths/attacks, and some really good stick animation epicness...
it reminds me of the good old days when stick movies were the #1 thing in NG.
nice animation/game, and i quite liked it when the tables turned!

nice game, i would like to see a sequel to this.

wow, a VERY well-designed game, and especially if we consider that this was done in just 14 days, AND that it was mainly an 8-bit game with pixels....

speaking of which, the pixelated female protagonist was a VERY charming and pretty cavewoman with red long hair, and an interesting ability in hunting/evading dinosaurs.

you've drawn her really well, and the details, such as her hair flowing and her moving or saying ''no'' with her head when you clicked a wrong object in the puzzles was also a VERY nice touch, and i repeat, this was done in 8-bit style, which adds to the awesomeness even more.

the puzzles were good, and the story was pretty clever and original.
i liked the setting of the stoneage/age of the dinosaurs (even tho we thankfully never co-existed with dinosaurs or we would be extinct, yes sir), and the whole riddles/puzzles challenges, it was r. nice.

as for the game itself, i was stuck in the beehive+tree trunk part in my first play, but on my second play, i got everything right, and i won/completed the game!

it seems she saved the witch doctor, AND they got themselves a new, cute green pet baby dinosaur... so cool.

i would like to see more like this, it is an interesting idea for a game.

you are good, do more.

a really nice, well-drawn and bizzare adventure game, showing us the adventures of a floating pod(?), or of a lost, intricate robot from a long-lost era of mankind.

while i normally cannot connect emotionally with a floating pod, this was acute character, and i wanted to see what would happe to it.
why did the kids at he start of the movie rejected it?
they decided to abandon the robot/floating pod, and i was confused as to why they did that, since they already had thos creature as their pet.
then, i entered the small city, and i went to the local bar, while helping a robotic-kid to get his legs back.

i completed the game, whcih had good visuals and interesting characters, and i have to say, that it was GOOD, but i think that the protagonist/the floating pod/robot shoudl move FASTER, alot FASTER, because the movement was so slow that it was impossible to even do a simple walk around the area in order to investigate all the available options.

also, the vertical movement (up, down), SHOULD be easier to perform, i mean, i had to stop the robot from moving, and to immediately press the down arrow, in order for the robot to do this correctly!

anyway, if you fix those small errors, and make the robot to move/faster/easier, then i think that you will have a great game right there.

wow, this game, once again, brings me alot of memories!
i played this game alot earlier than 2006, it was on 2001, or 2002, if my memory is correct.
i remember playing this game on another site, and i was like ''wow, this game is AWESOME! and those characters are cool!'' and i replayed this game a couple of times, and later on that day, i clicked on the link of newgrounds at the end of the game, and i visited newgrounds, for the first time!

then i left NG on mid-2002, and i came back on 2003, and i started to watch movies and games, until i finally got the decision to join up on 2006, ironically the year when this 2000-game got resubmitted into the portal.

oh man, back then this was an epic game for me, the music, the intro, the ''three people, one room, six chambers'' motto, it was a quite awesome prelude to a really cool game.
ofcourse nowadays this game wouldn't go well with the politically correct audience/mindset, but i still consider it a good and funny game in all honesty.

also, i liked how each character/player had his/her own character traits/attitude.
for example, nene was very odd, since she was sucking the revolver in her mouth like a... hoe?
it always made me laugh, it was so crazy!
darnel was positioning the gun in a strange angle in his mouth, almost like he wanted to avoid the russian roulette shot,
and pico, oh man, pico showed extreme ballsiness(or insanity? maybe both) by clicking the gun, twice. and provoking his opponent in a way of showing no fear whatsoever.
ofcourse he died alot more often because that was a stupid move....

but i always enjoyed playing this game. heck, i even replayed it just now, after so many years!
you always do nice games tom! even the old crazy games of 2000!

well, this was a very well-designed, well-drawn and well programmed game, and i like it alot, because this is the game that introduced me in newgrounds.
it might have been a ''bloody'' first experience, but i found many good things in here!

TomFulp responds:

Thanks! It was a fun game to make. :)

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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