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that was an interesting game, to say the least.
ofcourse you may never read this review, however, i have to leave a good message about the impact that your game left to me.
while i am not a LGBT, i saw some very uncomfortable moments in this game.
the hidings, the hidden text-messages, the horrifying thought of ''telling the truth'', and the hostile enviroment overall.
i have to ask: did the majority of this happen? (ofcourse it did, but have you been punched by your dad for this? i mean yeah, listening to such news isnt the happiest news that a dad can listen (no offence, but i am honest), and its very frustrating, but no father should punch his child for listening to something like this.
if you can't get it by now, i chose the ''truth'' in the game, and in all the choices.
eventually, things became what they became, and the story ended with the protagonist (you!) being punched by his dad, texting his friend, and telling him that ''this was a bad idea'', and that he(you!) continued with the relationship with jack, even tho this was futile, and ended up in a slightly expected break-up. (again, no offence, but stressed relationships usually don't last).
so, was this worth it? obviously yes, if i can speak for you.

yet i felt awfully when watching playing this game. it made me feel quite uncomfortable. not for the gay/bi factor, but mainly for the bad parent-child relations, they were so bad, so bad.... and it made me sad.
what happened afterwards? (PM me anything, even a tiny fraction of the truth).

i guess getting the job at EA and moving away to california was a good ending, and a good move, since things at home were not the best.
at least are things with your mother ok? that would be good for my soul if it happened.

oh god. this is so awkard. and it feels pretty sad.
i hope that things will go good for you.

also, you might say that i liked the option of ''truth'' alot more, because in the end, you must be true to your family, and above all, to yourself.

the game was good, and it gave me (and to alot of people) food for thought.
the options were quite realistic (at least in the dialogue/tension section)....
and the ending was quite odd, but nice to watch. i also liked the protagonists(you) dialogue with the player(me?), it was funny!1

i wish the best for you, and may things work out for you.
also this game had NO replays. it seems interesting.

i got the truth ending, and i chose the truths.

i have to ask, was claire really a bi-girl? and did you talked with her? cool. (pm for that as well, if ya want)

overall, a good game, yet very very uncomfortable. so you did a good job.
im straight btw, so i hope my review does not offend you, but i sure hope that it gives you a good rating material or some food-for thought.

yep keep making games

a wonderful, epic, strong, touching, emotional anime comic!
it had so strong emotions, and such a good message of peace and goodwill between humans and minorities (in this case the androids), and the fair treatment between both.
it was sad to see humanity destroyed by the evil, militaristic androids, and later on, further destroyed by the remaining humans who became criminals and daangerous opportunists.

in the bottom line, it shows us that war and hatred is bad, no matter what side of the fence you are into.

i particularly liked the strange relationship between leon, the human, and mai, the android girl.
it was so nice to see how it started from a tough, fragile friendship, into a good, true friendship.
i loved it when they actually became friends in the end.

i felt sad for leons losses. he lost far too many.

i have to say, the 3 endings were good, so i will not say any spoilers, tho i would LOVE to see a sequel in this specific comic/story arc.

i believe that the story ended too soon, and too fast.
please make a sequel, i loved this, and im sure many people here will agree that this series is worthy of a solid sequel.

(maybe with different characters, but maintaining mai as the main character in this.)

you are good!

pretty cool.
i mean, at first glance, it might look like a trolling flash movie/game about the sonic fanbase and/or inflation as a fetish, but i think that it goes beyond that.
it shows the life and times of a young man, trying to relax/escape from his every day frustrations and troubles, and he tries to escape either through dreams, or via the videogames.
he imagines to be sonic, he imagines that his GF is amy, he likes inflation, etc etc.
i liked the multiple choices in the dialogue screens, it was pretty cool.
the questions/riddle by the bouncer of the ''le club de fokk'' wee very funny, and his reaction ''im gonna hand my head from shame'' was truly hillarious!
also the dialogue/parts with jimberly's co-worker, chad. wow, i mean chad was a hillarious character, with his crazy messages, and his tips towards the protagonist, and i loved the action from his part after jimberly went to the pawn shop!

a quite good story, and it could pass as something that could teach some people a few lessons.
the lesson ofcourse, it to never give up, and to never live in a world of fantasy, and fake dreams.
escapism isnt good when you abandon everything.

in other topic, i might say that the ''horny meter'' in the meeting was hillarious.
this was a very funny movie, and it was pretty cool.
was it a trolling movie? yes.
was it, however enjoyable and educational? heck yeah!

also in bottom line, i think you should do more movies/games like these, the ending was hillarious!
PS: i think that the final decision should have 2 different endings.
but thats just me.

keep up the good work.

pretty addictive and cool, despite the minimalistic design.
good game, do more!

this game is very interesting and clever, but i think a walkthrough would be very usefull, or at least a few hints.
i got the ''SOS'' riddle, and so i managed to open the toolbox, and i used the pencil on the paper to get some more hints, but im stuck with the horse-chess-box inside the toolbox, and i dont know how to open the wooden board in the floor.

overall an awesome game, that makes you think.
good work!

excellent fork-heads animation/game/party extravaganza!
i might not be very familiar with the anime girls and characters of the fork heads club, but you certainly drew them nicely!
also the dialogues between the girls, the guys, the drunk guys, and the hidden message/easter eggs, were very amusing and funny.
also, i saw bb10 in there! nice cameo, thanks for that!

overall, a nice little game/adventure thingy, pretty neat, felt like a party, so it was good.

this is a very good game, with a very strong message about the evil people who killed innocent people in cambodia, but i have to say, that the walk is too long for a player to stay within the game.
you should make the walk alot shorter, and your should not make the walker to blow up in the middle of the walk, since this makes you to start over again, and given the length of the walk, makes a replay quite hard for a non-patient player....
the message is very strong and great about this dark era of cambodia, but the game should be more easy-to-play, and alot shorter on the walk, and without the mines/blow-ups in the middle of teh walk.
it will get the message much further if the players keep on playing the game, and reach the end faster.
you do good stuff, tho, so i liked the game.

wow, a VERY interesting game, with some VERY surreal and insane graphics and sounds.
as for the puzzles, those were the hardest/craziest!
killing the blue animal(?) on the start of the level was easy after a few seconds of concentration, but the music tape puzzle and the squares on the TV screens puzzle were the hardest ones, i think.
good game, i beat it on my first try, on some parts it was easy, on others it was hard, but i liked the crazy story all the same.
also your game description is quite surreal, fitting with the game's strange story/action....
overall a great game, and i would love to see a sequel/more like this.

very funny, enjoyable, and with some very well-drawn characters, this game had many things to love...
i like how it started, with the knave/servant trying to kill the old king, and eventually after killing the king and avoiding all the attacks from your (new) servant, you eventually become THE old king of the story, and so on, and so on....

this game also had some really cool different endings/situations which i loved, and some very funny enemies to avoid.
this was great, and the only flaw that i could find is that it is too short.
add more villains/levels/medals in the sequel!

great game, do more like this.

like all the other reviewers have said...
its a tedious and insane game, that will trap people into playing it forever so that they can get their awards.
in my opinion, you should feel bad about making this game.
you've made people to waste lots of their time for this.

but, what can i say dude...
i guess 1 star for the evil factor.

the 10k clicking tournament was fun, and overall a well designed game.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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