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well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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whoooooooooh happy pico day , and thank you to all in the NG community, heres to another 20

ok man, its nice that you like NG as well!

happy birthday, NG!

At least you've done some legit work here... all I do is type alot :p Yep, NG still has a good heart, and since is has, like, one of each (entertainment category), I rarely go elsewhere online.

oh man, thanks! this means alot to me!

well, you are also a good member, AND a good person, and that counts in my book!
also, you write many, awesome reviews! you are one of my reviewer-top-50 ''rivals'', because we are competing for the most reviews, lol! ;)

its very bad that NG doesnt have a ''top 10 reviewers'' list anymore.

anyways, you could do some flash movies for NG, i mean you have been in here since forever, so your heart is in the right place!

you rock, mate! have a good day!

Very kind of you to say, thanks! As time goes on, I'll be less of a rival to the medal chasers and reviewers... also the voting ranks, I kinda gave up chasing after 5 votes a day for the time being.

Hopefully when I get resettled somewhere else, I'll be able to submit better content to this old burd ;)

yes, but you ARE a good and loyal person, so its the truth!

lets hope that you will get your internet and that you will be back in here, in no time! :)
you are a cool dude!

So what's new with you? Any ground shaking events happen this summer?

no, things have been quiet.
work, friends, work and family.
quiet things may sound boring, but sometimes ''quiet'' is good.

Since you haven't made a Clock Day post, I'll leave this here:


hehehe, i just did!

thanks anyway.

happy clockday!!! :)

So life's good at tranquility base, eh? Super! Any new animations/games/pictures in the works? How's work (day job lol)?

hehehehe, nice post! ;)

well things are good, i did a clockday movie, and it won teh daily 4th award of newgrounds!
and soon i will do some more movies, and maybe some comics as well...
how about you?

tell me your news, sir!

Oh, just looking for a new home and some time to get creative (again), just like alla you kiddies here. Oddly enough, I'm worried about kitty-cats, I've got about a dozen of them outside that need new homes, since I'll have to rent a place in the meantime. I've also got to pick a plow, brushhog and discer for the John Deere... everything else goes into a 30yd metal dumpster for scrap, though I may list what I can on craig's list. Can't wait for the drama to subside...

i see...

i hope that things will work out well for you!

PS: have you considering buying a trailer-home?
(the one that you tie with your car, and its a portable home-kinda-)

as for the cats, ok

I'm really shit at backing up trailers, though, given a good plot of land, I'd consider living in a trailer, but I'd need a big garage for tools and the tractor(s) (the John Deere's not looking so good).

My folks used to have a camper on the back of a pickup truck, we used to go up to Maine to go lobster hunting. We'd bring back live ones for ourselves and our trading partners... best way: break off what you want to eat off the lobster, then steam/boil the parts. If you chuck it in whole (and alive), the muscles tighten up, then the meat's tough.

yep, trust me, living in a trailer isn't as bad as it sounds!
its easy, its versatile, and its very cheap (compared with bying a house, or renting an apartment).
one of my distant cousins has his own trailer house in the USA and he roams the streets with it, while he stays in a common parking place for trailers when he wants to live permanently in an area.

(look it up, its worth it IMHO).

aha, you would need a garage? that sounds difficult.
oh well, maybe you could park your trailer house in a convenient spot, and then build a small garage for your stuff?

ohhh, i didnt know that you can eat/cook a lobster like that!
so you're saying that i should: let the lobster die on its own, then cut it up (or to cut the lobster while its alive? ewww!), and then to boil each part(s) seperately.
and doing so that way, the meat will be soft? cool!

oh man, i hope that you're fine.
best wishes to you.

I was recently offered 2 joined trailers on a 3/4 acre lot in a community of some kind... I rly want to be able to grow food, and not have neighbors in ear (or gunshot) range. We'll see...

Eh, you could bop the lob on the head before dismemberment... naturally dead critters aren't entirely safe to eat, as their stomach acids will eat the meat from the inside out, quite rapidly

really? thats good! (i think).
a trailer home (and in your case, 2 trailer homes joined together) is a good case for a house, and its also very cheap...(compared to buying a ''static'' house, that is!...)

and 3/4 acres (thats almost an acre of land, am i correct? sorry about that, but im awake for many hours, and im mostly familiar with the metric system so... im currently dazed)

yes, growing food in your land is ALWAYS a good idea.
its great on the long-term.

ah yes. you are correct.
ok, so that recipe that i heard one day about lobsters is:
you grab a (living) lobster,
you slice it with a knife (fast) vertically, from head to tail, and you put the two pieces of the lobster on a BBQ grill, on a big fire.
as you cook the lobster in the grill, you wait until it gets cooked and the ''soft'' thing inside the lobsters body becomes white, like chicken meat, instead of his previous ''transparent'' meat look...

one of my friends did lobster that way, and it was incredibly delicious.
i also saw it on TV.

ok, now im hungry.

say, which are you favorite movies/games/series in NG?
and if you are undecisive, tell me random stuff, like your favorite movies in cinema, music, or etc etc.

im good, and i wish the best for you!
have a nice day!

Hm, well I wouldn't wanna buy the trailer-home (they've had the wheels removed, and been mailed together) but I may rent them, until my cut of the farm sale comes through, and I can shop for a more permanent home... still waiting on the farm buyers to get me a regular lease/renter's agreement :|

Say, that's a neat way to cook lobster, thanks! As far as favorites, my tastes are quite varied... I guess just check my 'favorties' list!

i see.

lets hope that things will go according to plan! :)

as for the lobster, you're welcome.

and uhhh i will check your favorites, have a nice day!