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well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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well. .. harry potter.

Posted by chris-the-stick - January 24th, 2008

about harry potter, i know this is SOO late, but i want to say it.
i read and finished harry potter, ''harry potter, death hallows'' and i must tell you, it was great.
i read it at late august, or at the strt of it, and i finished it in a few days. it was great!
i hope this will become in a movie, it will turn out very cool, if it will be like the book.
so, if you are one of teh few that havent read the book, go read it, IT is great.

Comments (9)

never read harry potter probably never will

read it, its good

Hmm..never liked the ending..it was..how can i say it? Too cheesy for my taste, i wasexpecting blood damn it. All i got was the snake-man falling.

yes, but the surprise part JUST before the ending was great, wasnt it?


<3 Growly

i am intrigued, yet wondering of your appearance here.
your reasons, sir?

nah i dont want to read it

trust me, its good

dont think i'll read it but if you summarize it i'll read it.

well, its 700 pages long! anyway...
the story begins at the moment where the death of harrys teacher takes place. then, he decides to quit from his school and hunt the evil warlord, that killed his teacher, by eliminating the 7 items that contain a part of his soul. yet, the only things harry teacher, mr.dumbledore has told him, was to eliminate them, and to look for them as something familliar the evil warlord had. so, they start, and he goes with his friend ron, and hermione. but thye goit the first item, which is (an old neclac e) but wher will tehy find the rest?

respond pal

god that sounds retarded
i enjoy sherlock holmes and chess more then that

i depicted it more simply and lame, because i didnt want to poil you things, just trust me, it will be worth it.

as long as you like big adventures.

Dont give it away for me!

ok, i wont.

hey buddy
i have a job for you for sound very soon for a random stick collab, you in?

all you have to do is find the sound needed for everything in there like for example if it has punching you should find me a punching sound and i will just edit it to sound like a stream of punching and etc.


are you on?

i am.