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well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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This site is the best.

Posted by chris-the-stick - June 29th, 2016

so, as i was browsing NG's newsposts in order to see whats fresh and new on newgrounds...

i saw this awful post on NG:


(and as you can see above, i replied with an appropriate manner to this user's eternal stupidity.)

i mean, yes, newgrounds might seem as if its on a bad state, things look strange, and the future path of NG might seem like a long, difficult road, filled with many obstacles and challenges;

but still, that doesnt mean that NG is a bad site, or that we should give up on newgrounds. ABSOLUTELY NOT.


this is the place of our childhood memories (for the oldest members of the site), and the place of our coolest artistic experiences in flash animation (for (almost) everyone else).

this site here, is the exact same site where we once laughed, cried, thought about contemporary social events, and we felt many emotions. this is the place where we played games, where we talked with friends, where we joined groups, and in general, it has been a great place of friendhip, art, creativity and a great (friendly) community.

so, since newgrounds is all of those things above (and EVEN more), this is WHY i can't stand idiots like @Amaranthus, who whine 24/7 about how ''the site sucks'', and yet they never do something about it.

they just keep on whining and complaining 24/7 about EVERYTHING, and they talk about how they suffer to be the only ''clever'' people in the entire world.

my advice to people like @Amaranthus:


if you dislike something, do something about it, or abandon the place altogether.

you can create art, you can write short (or long) stories, you can animate flash movies, you can create flash games, hell, you can do everything you want; you can materialise everything, and you can create great things that could be remembered by the future viewers of newgrounds, for years to come.

i dont know your ''skills'' man, but stop complaing all the time, and start creating stuff.

its up to you to make newgrounds a better place.

its up to ALL of us.


so, either create something in here, and contribute here in a POSITIVE way, or stop the whining, leave this ''bad site'' and go find new, more exciting activities.

its the best for both parties involved.


PS: i should paraphrase the se7en quote in order to say:

''newgrounds is a wonderful place,

and its worth fighting for.''

i agree with both parts, and i shall do my best for the second part.


PS2: you might wonder why i didnt post my reply at amaranthus newspost.

well, thats because amaranthus blocked me from his page,(because i posted in his page, and i said a star wars joke) and like cowards often do, he called me names, he insulted me (without reason), and he blocked me.

its a shame, because his name, amaranthus, means ''the one who never withered'', aka the plant, the flower that never withered, the plant that has always remained fresh, beautiful and vivid.

its a large irony, to witness a person with such a beautiful (user)name, to have such a dark, pessimistic view about things.

oh well.

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I saw that post, I just don't give the satisfaction of pointing it out. One user out of the thousands (thousands refers to me not wanting to over exaggerate) who are here isn't that much to point out someone's whining.

good point.

still, i wanted to write a new post about NG's social events, and seeing this user's defeatism+his (frequent) whining made me write such a post.

we have to stop being defeatists, and we have to decide: do we want to make NG better, or worse?
thats why i wrote this article on the first place.

to inspire creativity, and a positive meaning.

tbh newgrounds has gone to shit
we still love it anyways

while i disagree with the first part, i agree 100% with your second part!
we all love NG, and we should support it as much as we can...

Some people abandon the site because of something called the BBS and apparently a lot of shit goes down there. I agree with you for the most part. This site is where I find relaxation, humor and nostalgia. I saw the post too, but I didn't reply either (too cowardly). BTW, you mentioned writing stories and posting them here. Where is that pod?

same here. also, im glad that my post made you happy.
as for the writing pod, all those written stories are either posted in the NGBBS, or in various NG collabs, (most notably in this recent collab) :



we dont have a literature portal in here yet... (there should be one?)

but i guess people write their stories either in their newsposts, OR, in the NGBBS/in NG collabs.

PS: last but not least, avoid the NGBBS, thats what i do, and thats how i've kept most of my sanity intact.

Somewhat sure I've seen you before...LMR, maybe?

what does LMR stand for?


what do you mean?

if you want to be an idiot, be my guest, but i would prefer to see you offering something in the whole discussion.

i hate Amaranthus too

yep! he has earned all that infamy.

i guess our dislike for amaranthus is our common interest, lol

When you see all his post on BBS : http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/search/author/Amaranthus
And see he insult : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/26/1467274935-pf.png http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/26/1467274927-pf2.png
The guy he farts higher than his ass just bcz his community stas was highter community stats, a lot of fan, supporter of NG, etc...

yeah, i agree with you, man!

amaranthus is an ''internet badass'', and he claims to be superior from everyone else, despite the fact that his insults are weak, and that he is hated (almost) by everyone.
(for good reason).

also NG stats and levels means nothing when a person is a complete dumbass, such as mr amaranthus.

also: he used a filthyfrank quote on you... AKA the ''ey b0ss, my nama got seizurrr'' punchline.
filthyfrank's vids are funny, but this is so lame.

i agree with you, deronmadness, you are a cool guy.
stick around, and lets make NG awesome!

Well, what i mean is that you are just too salty about this.
If he blocked you, just ignore it.
Trust me, i had people blocking me ALOT... About 187 friends removed me and blocked me, BUT to make it easier for myself, i simply make more friends and at the mean time i already forgot what and who blocked me and i have about 126 friends.
You just have to move on and don't pay attention

wise words, my friend!

however, im not angry at @amaranthus because he blocked me, oh no...
its because he has stated that ''newgrounds sucks'', and that statement made me angry, because newgrounds is a GREAT place; a place where we all laughed, cried and overall it has been a friendly spot where we got artistically inspired, and a site where we've made some good e-friends.

also, sorry if i ask, but..

what did you do in order to get blocked+removed by 187 people?
you seem to be a normal dude, so its strange.

however your advice was good, so i will gladly accept it.

be well, man!