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thats a great song!
why didnt anyone tell me about this?

either way, this is a very groovy and funky theme song for BB10, and i thank you mr anonfrog for your great work at such a good tune, i really like it and i feel very honoured by this creation.

if thats OK, i might add this theme song into one of my upcoming movies...
keep up the good work!

Anonymous-Frog responds:

Yes it's totally OK for you to use this song, just make sure to credit me.

actually, thats a really badass song!
i like how it starts out slowly, and then, it progresses into a more wild and badass techno beat, while the song moves on into a really nice groove, in a progressive/epic way...

i really like it.
this song could easily fit for a battle-scene in a cool movie, it could also fit in a madness movie or something.

good work, keep making cool music!

Ravitex responds:

Gotta correct you on this though: This is not techno, it's drumstep.
Seeing this on a movie would be extremely cool. But I haven't really saw music like this on any movies...

Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

wow, this is such a calm, and relaxing song.
it inspires me to sit back and relax, to enjoy the calm, peaceful beauty of the guitar, while im looking outside, towards the clouds....
see? you've make me poetic! :D

but really, its a very nice and calm song, its a track that can make someone chill out and feel better.
good stuff, please, do more tracks like this!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks Chris. This is probably the best of all the tracks I've uploaded. It's certainly my favourite. Also Child in my Arms, Rag-Tag World and Gunslingers Vision are close runners up. Many of the reviews have mentioned how calming and relaxing it is and that's good because that's what is was meant to be. Really glad you liked this track and thanks for the great review.

Cheers gamejunkie.

your description is correct, this track is short, but awesome!

it has an ''epic battle'' feeling in it, i would love to see it in an action-flash movie/game, with a dude fighting versus countless enemies, in a quest for justice...

hmmm... it is very neat and badass, i would love to hear more like this.
good stuff! epic loop!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review. I would love to hear this used in a stick fight flash actually, I think it would be a great track for an epic stick fight even though it's short. With that said, why don't you do something about that and make one of your own ;-D So far I've had a couple of tracks used in flash movies but this is my favourite one. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/640448 Check it out. I think the audio works perfectly for the ambience of the flash.

Cheers gamejunkie.

ohhh, thats a nice and solid guitar riff, i love the fenders sound, and i've gotta say, the best guitars in the world(in my opinion), are the fenders and the gibson's!
splendid sound, and excellent quality...

and this track shows us just that.
you are rocking in a really nice way, and the sound's sharp, but enjoyable.
this music track is short, but quite awesome.

very enjoyable.

my only ''complaint'' would be that its too short.
perhaps you could do one more version of this, with you singing, or making the track slightly longer, with more epic riffs like that! :D

good work!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks again for the review Chris. Glad you liked it. Not likely that we'll do another extended version and I can guarantee you there'll be no vocals. If you heard me sing you'd understand why. lol. Plus to be honest it wasn't actually written with lyrics in mind.

Cheers gamejunkie.

oh man, im loving this loop!
its so badass, nicely organised and it has a really good groove going on...
in short, its a nice guitar riff, and i always love classic-rock style awesome riffs, they make me happy, and i enjoy them alot!

also, the riff gives you the feeling of someone being dizzy/hazy and rocking in a hardcore way, so its a nice track to get someone in the mood for dancing/enjoying the music.

i liked it alot, 5/5, do more stuff like this, perhaps a full song with vocals and with some more rock/blues-style guitar solo's/riffs as well? (because riffs always rule!)

keep up the good work!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review Chris. The idea of this track was to have it sound like it was a slow descent into madness. It's good to see that you got that, re: your dizzy/hazy comment. Glad you liked it.

Cheers gamejunkie.

feels like old days.

now, THIS, is like your old, epic works. keep at this style, man... it has the right ammount of music, instrumental, and doesn't have that loud techno in it, it's more atmospheric, and that's what you should aim for. truly a masterpiece of your work, i'm speechless, it has action, battle, a big lott of madness (or ALOT insanity, depends in the point you see it) hm, but it's good. it's great!
its rocking, and it's grabbing you deeper and deeper into the action within every minute... great!

cheshyre responds:

I'll try but I think I need to expand this genre as well as keep it the same. Thanks!

good, stuff!

i liked this, and old-school is good, but i must say i enjoyed part 1:42 alot, and the part that got me a bit scared was 3:28- 3:45. good work, tho.

cheshyre responds:

thank you!


good, not like your older works, but still good. got quite loud at the beggining/middle, but it's a good track. still, i liked the part at 4:24 and 4:34 also, the guitar part at 4:45 was truly epic, but i think it should be a ''clear'' guitar, instead of a ''fuzzy'' guitar sound, i think it was good, but at some point, too uhh ''full'' with techno. really good, tho, dont take it differently. also, i loved the climax at the end.
very, very good, will you do more?

nice to see you're making epic music. and with madness tone. you're good.
like the ''chant'' sound at the background. 10/10 u rock

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much! I'll try and incorporate your criticisms. Thank you for taking the time

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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