chris-the-stick's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1,683 (From 267 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 26,055 Points

Roc'h Arnev Island

Vandal Unlocked 1/25/16
5 Points
Great, just walk around and scribble on everything you find...
Yet another symbol 5 Points So many symbols to find that you can get confused
Put your head up 10 Points Some of these monuments are so tall!
Something's gotta work 10 Points Try everything to get it moving somehow
All Saint's 25 Points There are many saints on the island
Grail Quest 25 Points The Holy Grail is certainly hidden here somwhere...
No need for a dictionary 25 Points Translate this islander's language on your own
See the light 25 Points These lighthouses are hiding something
The Doors 25 Points Let's check what's behaind these doors
Wildlife lover 25 Points You're bound to find some maritime animals when you're on an island
Globetrotter 50 Points You just like to stroll along the nice landscape
Mystery unraveled 50 Points Game completed
Got them all Achievements 100 Points Collect all in-game achievements in one go

Medals Earned: 1/13 (5/380 points)

Rock Smasher

smash the rock Unlocked 2/4/21
5 Points
wonder whats inside?
haha wow ur fast... 50 Points slow down there buster (break the rock in 8.88s or less)

Medals Earned: 1/2 (5/55 points)

Rodman vs Kim: One on One

Inevitable Outcome Unlocked 1/12/14
5 Points
Lose to Kim Jong Un
Other Way, Imbecile Unlocked 1/12/14
5 Points
Score on yourself.
Watch the Clock! 5 Points Get a Shot Clock Violation
God Beater 25 Points "Beat" Kim Jong Un
Shut Down D 50 Points Shut Out Kim Jong Un
Much Obliged! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/6 (10/95 points)

S.O.P.A. got fingered

BLOCKED Unlocked 5/31/12
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Get Fingered! Unlocked 5/31/12
5 Points
Play the FGF game.
FUCK S.O.P.A.! Unlocked 5/31/12
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/3 (35/35 points)


Deaf Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
The sound of silence...
Frotteurism Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
It's just too hard to resist...
Hospitalized Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Let's take this outside!
Quitter Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Only losers give up and go home alone.
Rejection Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Love hurts.
Scooter Rooter Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Fun to ride, but don't let anyone catch you on one.
The Flash Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Sometimes things are best kept to yourself!
Thirsty Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Nothing like that first taste of cold beer!
Violence Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Put em up.
Alpha Male Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Sometimes you just have to establish dominance.
Beached As Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Ohh noo! She's beached as bru!
Booze Hound Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Drink til you drop.
Cock Block Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Chicks before dicks.
Hungry Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
They looked like mints, but they weren't at all!
Sleazebag Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Can anyone say... Date rape?
Experimenting Unlocked 5/16/10
25 Points
Proven to double your chances!
Multicultural Unlocked 5/16/10
25 Points
Ahh... There's nothing like a little Asian takeaway!
True Gentleman Unlocked 5/16/10
25 Points
Treat her like a lady.
2's Company 3's... Unlocked 5/16/10
50 Points
...a hell of a good time!
Casanova Unlocked 5/16/10
50 Points
There's clearly no one that you can't please!
Score! Unlocked 5/16/10
100 Points
You are officially the master of scoring!

Medals Earned: 21/21 (380/380 points)

Seed of Destruction

Backfire Unlocked 5/24/09
10 Points
Destroy an enemy by deflecting a projectile at it.
Infertility 5 Points Get a game over.
Master of Time and Space 5 Points Pause the game.
Drunken Air Show 10 Points Play a custom game with only jets.
Mega Combo 10 Points Get a 20+ combo.
Tankicular Homicide 10 Points Squish a pedestrian by pushing tank over it.
Hanging in There 25 Points Regenerate a total of 10 health bars over the game.
Looking for a Challenge 25 Points Survive 10 minutes in Custom Mode with all units set at maximum intensity.
Toast Master 25 Points Kill 10 enemies with the zeppelin's laser.
Ball Fondler 50 Points Get a score of 10,000 in Grenade Juggler.
Cavalier of Sperm 50 Points Beat story mode.
Evasivivity 50 Points Survive 5 minutes on Missile Crisis.
Pedestrian Devestation 50 Points Get a score of 100 in Pancake Factory.
Seed of Destruction 100 Points Beat story mode on hard.

Medals Earned: 1/14 (10/425 points)

Seven's Second Adventure

Not Cool Unlocked 5/16/10
5 Points
Spend less than 5 minutes on the instructions.
Can't Remember what Items you Have? Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Press A to view your inventory
You Read the Directions? Unlocked 5/16/10
10 Points
Press the M Key to Mute the Game
We're People Too Unlocked 5/16/10
25 Points
View all of the Bios
Look, We made a Game! 10 Points View Credits
Awshum 25 Points Spend more than 5 minutes on the instructions
Channel Seven Weather Report 50 Points Find SevenSeize's Secret Movie
Plant Love 50 Points Find Magical-Zorse's Hidden Flash
Fetch 100 Points Find John Van Deusen's lost pick.

Medals Earned: 4/9 (50/285 points)

Shrunken Survival 4

Wheeling and dealing Unlocked 12/26/14
10 Points
Get the steering wheel!
Journey to the forest Unlocked 12/26/14
25 Points
Enter Dust Bunny Forest!
Giant slayer 5 Points Defeat the giant dust bunny!
Sleep! 50 Points Sleep!

Medals Earned: 2/4 (35/90 points)

Shut Up And Fulp

Ascension Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
Hi, my name is Tom
Castle Crasher Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
And I just shaved, too!
Ding Dong Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
I'd like to check myself in
Don't Drop the Soap Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
Dong Rising Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
Too much exposition
New Challenger Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
Heh, Emily Queer, get it?
Office Party Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
Not nerf guns this time, though.
Shitlist Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
And your name is on it
Soul Bound Unlocked 5/5/14
25 Points
This is in your history forever
Fulp Fiction Unlocked 5/5/14
100 Points
Well aren't you special?

Medals Earned: 10/10 (325/325 points)

Sim Apocalypse

14 DAYS Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
Survive 14 days in a row.
3 MONTHS Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
Survive 3 months total
ALIENS Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
alien scenario
ANARCHY Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
anarchy scenario
DRAGONS Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
dragon scenario
NAZI ZOMBIES Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
nazi zombie scenario
NUCULAR Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
nuclear war
ROBOTS Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
robot scenario
ZOMBIES Unlocked 5/10/15
5 Points
Zombie Scenario
APES 5 Points planet of the apes scenario
DEMONS 5 Points demon scenario
GOATS 5 Points goat scenario
ICE AGE 5 Points ice age scenario
OBAMA 5 Points magical island master
PANDEMIC 5 Points virus scenario
RELIGION 5 Points religion scenario
1 YEAR 10 Points Survive 1 year total
28 DAYS 10 Points Survive 28 days in a row.
3 YEARS 25 Points Survive 3 years total
50 DAYS 25 Points Survive 50 days in a row.
100 DAYS 50 Points Survive 100 days in a row.
100,000 50 Points Get 100,000 points.
5 YEARS 50 Points Survive 5 years total
10 YEARS 100 Points Survive 10 years total
150 DAYS 100 Points Survive 150 days in a row.

Medals Earned: 9/25 (45/500 points)