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cool movie, i liked the swift and colourful animation, good graphics, and EXCELLENT face expressions, very good work on that.
the story was OK, the battle was fun and intense, and the part where the creeper farted was funny, so yeah, nice work. also, i liked the scene in the end...flappy birds? cool.
also, the main character in this movie, looks ALOT like luis.
good work, nice effects, and nice movie overall.

what an amazing movie! with great suspence, humour, and action, going all along, it was a movie that i simply loved.
the camera ACTION PANS, and INTENSE ZOOM INS, the characters expressions, and the ''WHAT A TWIIIIIIST!'' ending, it was a glorious movie, with excellent humour, and a solid voice-acting.
i loved it. do more plz.

excellent, flawless work!
this movie has a great narrative, and good visuals, mixing 3-D with drawings, and blending the 3-D elements with 2-d art, but also having a big sense of mystery, plot twists and adventure.
also, the horror parts of it are good, especially if it's an atmospheric thriller, and not a ''screamer'' game/movie.

also, the idea of decision-making/choises that change the course of the game would be good.
maybe you could also add this in the game.
or add some point-n-click elements, and puzzle solving in order to unlock rooms, some hidden backstory, or some special items in the game.
it would be good.

great job, please do more with this, because this thing has potential, and it will become a great game. it is a very nice project. you have my support.

amazing flash. very well-animated, and very fluid animation.
great face expressions, and nice humour(if any) and great action in this!
i liked the idea of uber-pico and of other combinations, this seemed very good.
also i liked how you made nene cute and defenceless, and i liked how cool darnel is in your flash.
he is like the epitome of cool!

good movie, great drawings, fast paced, and with lots of action. good job man!
do more.
PS. (this was frame by frame, or tweens? and the FPS was 40? it had excellent pace.)
great movie, once again.

hmmm.... a good movie as always. the visuals were stunning, since the background, and the ship looked amazing. also the interior of the ship was well-designed.
oh, and i must add: the water is perfect as it is.
no need to make it black.

i must also add, that the story was pretty good, and apart from this being educative, it was also funny. like the previous reviewer has said, its funny to see them calmly talk about ship mechanisms while the ship itself is sinking, it has a comedic feel to it.

this is good, and the drawings of both the ship, and of it's interior are very detailed and excellent, so yeah, keep it up, and do more movies like this, they are good.

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks, will do!

GREAT claymation!
i wonder what happens to the barman. also -SPOILERS- the ending was a bit sad, too bad that the jewish warrior died by the grenade, thats why you must NEVER hold a grenade to throw it back. -END OF SPOILERS-
despite the anti-climactic ending, this was an enjoyable, and fast-paced fight, that would be impossible to be seen in claymation.
you managed to create that.
you have skills, so do more, and keep up the good work!

wow, great movie, and with great story (based on real events).
i also liked the drawings and designs of the characters, they were great, and very well-done!
i also liked how all the characters reacted as they should (donald got depressed when he got fired, while goofy was feeling as if he just got promoted. lol)
nice work on that too.

the only problem in this was that it ended too shortly.
good movie, tho, you should do more like this, i loved it!

Frost-i-Rated responds:

Thank you. Your comments really made the rest of my day. I feel good now. Thanks. I slapped this on my 2D reel and am hoping to get some 2d animation job offers with it, so far it's mostly words, nothing tangible. But I liked the fact that you liked this, and I'm definitely going to do more of this sort of stuff, and make them longer too.

excellent animation, and epic 3-D. magnificent music (only from the masters), and great action.
what more can we ask?
the ''good'' guy reminds me fondly of Vivi Ornitier from final fantasy IX, and thats a great detail, because i always liked this character, and its nice seeing him again in this cartoon.
also, the ''bad'' guy, reminded me of a more sinister ''black-mage'', maybe he looked more like a ''black waltz'' type of character, which is still badass and cool.
anyway! the movie itself was GREAT, and it had an epic music battle, with incredible action, and with unique music, so it was wonderfully done.

my only complaint was that it was too short. the battle should be kinda longer, and the bad guy should fight more.
but i understand that this was a short project, so no problems here.

maybe you should do a new battle like this in your next movie, and add those 2 guys again. i would love to see more of this again!
BTW, be sure to add a ''vivaldi'' themed opponent, or a ''mozart'' one.
this would lead to an epic music fight.
(or a ''mozart'' vs ''beethoven'' perhaps)

either way, this was good, keep it up, and please, please do more! you r good.

wow, despite this being a ''sonic'' flash, i actually liked it alot!
it had nice animation, good drawings, a good, solid story going-on, and some nice sequences.
first of all, the animation was very fluent and very good, with a nice speed on it.
what FPS did you used? 30?
and was this frame-by-frame, or with tweens?
either way, fantastic work. also, the characters of rouge, and of shadow were wonderfully done, and the characters really acted like they should (shadow was cranky and angry -and obviously ignoring rouge, despite her interest in him- and rouge was cute and playful, but also a trickster...)
good work overall, this was a good movie, and it stood out from all the usual sonic-style movies, mainly because you added a story with humour, and with nice visuals, and also because for once, it focused on a subject OTHER than ''sonic and tails fight the evil''.
congrats, your work is good, well-thought, with nice humour, and performed in an elegant manner.
please do more movies like this. you are good.

hahahaha, very funny!
it was cool, and poop-tastic!
do more.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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