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well, good

its nice, but too short.

ha! lets make more trap!

it was really good! ''ha, lets make more traps. dum dim dum dum dim duk a dumdim dum a dim.'' and ''i dont see you dance now'' . it was so hillarious. like the scene where he said. ''go, wanna buy some book?'' ''oh yes..' opensthe b and a gun comes and BLAM! it aws so funny. man, make more


will you give the carrot? never. ahaha, it was really fun. good flash

it was good. still, amn

it was nice, still why she didnt want to get saved? and it was sad that the knight was eaten. but still, funny. good flash

ermmm good

funny flash. not my kind of parody in harry potter, but it is nice. take a 4

not very good

it was very emotional towards the kk, but really it was just for their people to watch. it wasn't very artistic, and i dont think that you care about making good movies....
but make one with better plot, and with some story too, so that it will be a cool animation, ok? please do this.

thats a nice flash.

even if bad animated, i think you must improve some parts and it will be fine. so just try to make more clear chars, and add colour,and some trees. ok? also add sound. and some voices. (if you have recording thing on) oh, and try making a credits taht will have dited letters. ok? so just make it pass the schreen, like the end of a movie, or to finally dissapear. oh, and add more funny humours. ok? and errr get some colours in, ok? like in the shops

aListers responds:

what are clear chars?
also It did have sound! plus I'll add stuff in the background in the next one! the voices I can do now but nobody watches the easter egg! plus I did that once in the credits! so I plan to do it again! I dont know much funny things that aren't parodys also!

pretty good, man

it was really fun, and i liked the whole battle. pretty cool. liked the ending

very good. i like

i like it. ver y well done graphic, very good animation, and some good sound and music, it was good. nice acting, and the whole story was nice and without big setbacks. i think it was really good, and you should make a longer aftermath about wher link will search for his identity. so i say you to craete more. do it. and the voice acting was good, as the lip syincing, and all the effect was smooth, as i liked how you designed the background

man, thats awesomes!

man, thats so cool! i really like it! and its so well drawn and done! man, this rocks! (no offence to tom) i was expecting something similar when i saw the post tom had done, but nothing like that! it was soo fun, taht i laughed my a*** of, man, it was great! and the credits, <<and we will help you in your time in need.>> and <<this music ,howeverH, isnt workin. is it?> it was HILLARIOUS. a 5 it get

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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