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hahahaha, that was great!
both the designs of the humans (george lucas, J.J. abrams & the movie cast) were excellent, AND the humour as well.
oh my, i HATE J.J. abrams series, and especially the ''LOST'' series.
its perhaps, one of the most awful series, EVER!

great take on ''new star-wars movie'' VS the ''J.J. abrams approach''. pretty clever.
i also liked the ending as well, ''get out!!!''
epic job as always, plz do more!

excellent drawing, and nice design of the square riding the bike, this was a very creative little story, and i liked it alot, despite its very short length.

you have the skills, do more!

this was EXTREMELY well-done for a half-year's parctise!
good animation, nice realistic 3-D, with shading, and nice face expressions and movements, this was good.
i really liked it, so i know we will see many good things from you.

keep it up, and do more!!!

happy birthday to the cool guy and to the epicland, a great collab that honors the people and the great leader. 5/5 stars of golden immortal glory!

a very touching drama between rubberbilbo clock and commisioner king.
a stoyr of legendary debates, honor, and the eternal battle of good vs evil.

i loved it!
usually i dont like too short movies/animations, but this one was a really nice imitation/tribute to steamboat willie (an animation that i love, like all the disney films), so this was very good artistically!
nice work, and do more

HeyJose responds:

Thanks! :)

wow, amazing graphics and sweet action once again!
i loved how this movie had the theme of the ''epic evil computer'' VS the analogic, normal guys.
it was an excellent adventure, and i felt great being a part of this!
i especially liked the moments where the robot talks with pirate, the part at the bar, and the sea battle with iron clock and the cat, that was genius!
also the ending was very very cool and funny.

overall, a wonderful movie, with insane details, a good story, diverse characters and lots of humour+action, something that i always love in your films!

keep it up, and do more! wonderful work!

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! I know i've mentioned it before, but it definitely helps having you voice stuff for me reliably, as well as your support. This was definitely a good start to the year, hopefully i can keep the momentum going!

i liked it.
good story, good humour, i liked how hank went through all the trouble to get his munf munf cereals, and i liked every joke/gag/mishaps/endings in this.

i would advice you to aim for more comedic/humorous movies like this, because this type of madness movies is retalively new and original, and so it will be a wave of fresh air in the blurry, dark and scary world of madness tributes.

good stuff, do more!

good work, and amazing face expressions/character drawings, and good designs overall, BUT... making fun of the last samurai?
it was a legendary movie.
shame on youuuuuuuuuu leon!

lol, funny at times tho, so yeah. you do good stuff.

LeonDaydreamer responds:

Haha, thanks!
I totally love the movie too, but I think my ending is a little more believable. :P

pretty interesting, and well done, but i would rather prefer an interactive game instead of a loop.
nice work on delias body, cool anatomy.

however...isnt ash too young for this?

hmmm. OK loop sir

2timing3some responds:

Keep an eye for that flash game. This was more of test run to see how people would respond it.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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