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well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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chris-the-stick's News

Posted by chris-the-stick - May 10th, 2021

dear friends, and my 387 loyal fans, hello!

so, i dont know how many of you like playing strange, surreal and interesting games like i do, but if you remember @vilehead 's epic atmospheric horror game, antumbra on NG:

then i have good news for you: he is working on the sequel, antumbra 2 on steam!


also this is their videogame's trailer on youtube:


also look at his trailer in here too : (vote 5) :

and if its possible, spread the word around, so that he can get 20,000 wishlists of his game, so that it can get enough traction to move into the next step: it being completed and submitted on steam!

let me know your thoughts of this iconic game and of its sequel in the comments below.

be well, folks!


Posted by chris-the-stick - January 22nd, 2021

my 387 fans and good friends, hello!

As we march into 2021 head-on, i cant help but notice, that its the 21st day, of the 21st year, of the 21st century...

a triple symmetry! how cool is that?

i find this very cool and i hope that this new year will be a good one, here's the best for 2021.

on that note, im trying to stay active in my flash projects between work and other irl stuff, but hopefully i will do a good job for this year's animations and collabs...

oh, and speaking of movies, check out this cool lock legion collab in which i participated:

the LL returns, and with another amazing collab! hooray!

thats all for now, have a nice day everyone, and stay cool...



Posted by chris-the-stick - January 11th, 2021

a glorious day has dawned upon this profile:

for i am no longer chris-the-stick2, but chris-the-stick.

simple, efficient, recognizable.

one could say ''well a 2 doesnt affect your name much, dude..''

and i would say, no sir, it does. shut up.

anyhow, that's what i did and im glad i've finally fixed my username after all those years.

in other news, they serve pancakes on room 376. groovy.


Posted by chris-the-stick - December 31st, 2020

my 387 fans and good friends, hello!

the year has changed, and its finally 2021!!!1

happy new year!

lets hope that 2021 will be alot better than 2020 was...

and with that note, i say, lets have fun, be happy and always be well!

we should stay active, vigilant, pleasant in our free time, and to have have fun while at it!

lets make some cool new movies, folks!

we can do it.

oh, and speaking of movies, check out this cool star syndicate collab in which i participated:

thats all for now, have a happy new year everyone, and stay cool...



Posted by chris-the-stick - December 25th, 2020

my 387 fans and good friends, hello!

today its christmas!!!!1

merry christmas, and lets have a happy new year!

may 2021 be better than 2020 was...

and with that note, i say, have fun, be happy and always be well!

oh, and check out this cool star syndicate collab in which i participated:



Posted by chris-the-stick - November 28th, 2020

my dear friends and 387 fans, hello.

once again a new season arrives and thanksgiving is here.

happy thanksgiving!

and what is the best thing to do than to watch a funny CC movie based on thanksgiving?

here's the clockcrew's follow up to ''pass the gravy'', the sequel:

watch it, have fun, vote 5 and pass me the gravy, mate!



Posted by chris-the-stick - August 15th, 2020

hello guys, its clockday!

happy clockday 2020!!!

the clockcrew is 19 years old, can you believe it?

i certainly cannot.

i feel so old now...

either way, join in the celebrations, and watch all of the beautiful movies for this great event!

and watch my clockday movie too, if you want:

vote 5, say hello, and have a happy clockday, people!

here's to many more years of B!



Posted by chris-the-stick - June 23rd, 2020

dear people of NG, and my loyal 387 fans, hello.

its me, chris, aka BB10, and im here to post my news, to bust some moves, and to chill out.

first of all, lets all witness a monumental milestone: i've reached my 100th newspost on NG!

wow, its epic! how did this happened? (duh), when? (now), and why i haven't reached that point alot earlier ago...

all those answers will (not) be revealed!!!1


whats new with you, fellas?

its been a while.

i shall work on a few small flash projects, i shall do some CC stuff too, and i will voice act for a few things, but other than that, things are slightly static and quiet.

i would love to hear whats new from you, to say a ''hello!'' or anything you want, really.

BTW, did you guys liked this new ''elon musk'' flash event?

it seems funny for me, and some submissions are really good...

anyway, thats all for now, be well, and stay cool!



Posted by chris-the-stick - March 2nd, 2020

dear friends, and my 387 loyal fans, hello!

as always, the CC has produced an impressive amount of quality movies (and of epic spam too, in some occasions), and we've been graced by the great movies of pop-tart clock, thor clock, and flounderman clock, to name a few of the old CC names, while the younger clocks such as redbook clock and phonograph clock have created exceptional movies which shows to us how skilled and dedicated they are in their craft.

to show some of those great artists movies, i shall start with a few of pop-tart clock's great works:


and here's a sample of thor clock's excellent work on clever parodies and funny movies:

while the whole playlist of his epic new series, '''thor clock takes over'' is listed in here:


and this is a cool new CC game, created by rollingstones, aka= vuvuzela clock:

ofcourse, the works of redbook clock and phonograph are also worthy to be mentioned in here, for they are stand-up guys too:


while foxcato's incredibly emotional and beautifully depicted work truly makes one to think about life, nature and the dark thoughts that surround us at harder times...

all in all, everyone did a splendid work for this year's flash flood project, which has already reached 10 years in existence.

time certainly flies, and the clockcrew should know that better than anybody, LOL!

anyway, im very happy with this year's participation and how nicely the CC has represented the whole team here on NG.

as for me?

i might've missed up the FF, but i might pop something out for fun. or not.

i ight try to reroute my things a bit, and to attempt a few new art projects to pursue.

we will see.

until then, have a nice day, and stay cool!

-chris, aka=BB10 clock.


Posted by chris-the-stick - December 25th, 2019

hello my fellow NG friends, and my 378 fans!

as we can see, its christmas day, so i wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

and on that happy note, i also add the celebration of ''clockmas'', which were properly celebrated by the clockcrew, in one of their newest excellent xmas-themed collabs:

watch this delightful CC collab about xmas celebrations, and vote 5!

despite the negativity of a certain rob clock, we shall all stand united and celebrate this holiday together, despite our diffferences.

thats all for now, have a nice day, and happy holidays!