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haha, good little dress-up game/flash!
the drawings were truly beautiful, and i loved how you did the words ''SOBE'' in the background to flip, and be in radiant green, like the letters that appear in huge screens in concerts!
(how did you do those letters? photoshop, or 3d-studio?)

in other news, i found the easter egg :D
nice story in it, as well.

good stuff man!

Pop-Tart responds:

I did the letters right in Flash. Drew the letters than used the line tool (in green) to outline them. Then used a mixture of FBF and tweens to create the concert laser effect.

The easter egg featured a fun cover of one of Sobe's fave bands... but also served as a small homage to Orangeclock's Run To The Hills. Double win!

a cool, well-designed, and interesting platform game.
i especially liked the neat design of the gentleman-soul-man charcater. he was cool.
nice game overall, with challenges, and many good levels.
keep it up, and do more!

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for your nice review!

it was a good game concept, with a really intriguing idea (dennis VS kim? amazing, and real-life event too!). also, the game had simple, 8-bit graphics, but imo, this made it all the better.
i coudl even imagine the SNES or nintendo, or the mega-saturn box-art and commercials for the game, lol.

anyway, a good little game, and even it's INSANE difficulty marks just how much that even in basketball, the rules are made so that lil'kim wins (lol).
anyhow, a good little game.
i wonder tho, how can you get the ''much obliged'' medal? or the ''shut down'' one?
good game, overall.
it was funny.
do more stuff.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad you liked it, and I make games when I can. "Much Obliged" is just by visiting my site or AVClub.com. For "Shut Down D", you need to beat Kim without him scoring a single point. Good Luck!

great game, challenging, and very interesting visually. surrealism!

well, in the beggining of the game, i like how you depict various areas of the brain, and their specific issues/ailments. is it very interesting, and adds a sense of mystery in the game. who is the person that the damaged brain belongs to, and how will we save him/her? (i am ssuming it's a ''her' since she had a ponytail)

so, i start doing the rooms, and im doing well, but BAM! i see the nightmare teddy bear with teeth, and i was scared, oh man.
but then, i solved the first puzzle. then, on phobia, i solved it easily, but i was struck by the image of the scary '''saint'' person, who gave you the pill.
very cool, reminded me of boss's paintings.
i liked your surrealistic painting on the ''sad-boat-man'' on the level of delusio, it was very artistic, and very pretty.
on the level of paranoia, i loved the boat with the man and the woman, flying around the elevator room with the fish.
this drawing reminded me of boss. was it boss, or your drew it based on hieronimous boss's works?
excellent, no matter what.
also, i liked the refferences to the room of psycopathy, the heart of psycopathy, being a bear that enjoyed slippers. haha! clever!
or, the part about dementia, i liked hwo that elephant man, reminded us of the hindu god vrahma, and how it transformed the fears into good things. (a piece of wool into a teddy, a rotten fish into a snail, and so on)

great work!
the ending was a bit of a let down, since it just showed you that you won, and it was ''the end'', but i guess it was good.
great surrealism in the game, keep it up, and do more games like this!

shaman4d responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback!

well, thats a very good and usefull gadget! i liked the simple, and sparten interface, the good, and easy-to-use controls, (enter, arrow keys to move) and the informations that you provided in it.
also i would like to say that you used the ''endless handbag loop'', which is a legendary and super-old piece of NG history, since i remember listening to this great song from 2002, both in the site, but also in the old, old NG fighting game. (the one that had pico vs haggard from the final battle, vs eskimo bob, and against many others, a great game, i think it was submitted on 2003)
in other words, this flash-thing of yours, isn't just usefull, it's also nostalgic, AND beautiful.
thanks man, it rocks, and so do you. a great piece of flash.

great ''game'' overall, i just have to ask for a couple of things:
1. will you do one flash about all the ''B/P'' ranks? we could use a list like this too, i cant find it on NG anymore.
2.what's that NG level with the jet, i think you labeled it as an ''????'' level. so odd. maybe it's for game-developers?!

anyways, great game, keep it up, and be cool, it rocks!

Cyberdevil responds:

I'd like to do one like this with B/P too, or better yet, a more complete guide with everything currently excluded from the regular wiki (like whistles... etc). After summer, hopefully. The jet is an unused/secret level icon. It's in the stylesheet image, but noone has it/can have it. Usability & nostalgia was the mixture I aimed to brew. Thanks for the review!

VERY clever idea! instead of escaping from astrange place, without any memory about it, now you know everything, and you must NOT escape.
excellent idea, very original, and quite amusing on the gameplay.
it was very hard(esp. when i had to mix the RIGHT ingredients to make him the ''weakness'' potion) and it was also hard to lock the window, but after that, i've managed to beat the game ''on a calm night'' and without any deaths, and i did it on my third try!
that;s a very good game, and i would like from you to make more stuff like this, your point and click games are awesome!
ps. that was qute an interesting drawing of a werewolf and of the moon, did you draw them by yourself?
great work!
keep it up, and do more!

scriptwelder responds:

Werewolf picture is an art by http://brakkenimation.newgrounds.com :-)
Moon is a stock photo with some filters on :-p

this is an actually pretty good game,and i think that it's alot better than what it's title or visuals suggest.despite the pixely art and the simplistic graphics, it's actually pretty well-done, challenging at parts, and entertainting.
this was a part you did for a collab, or an individual, non collaborated part of yours?
either way, it's great, and i hope that you will do more fun and great games like this.

Dir3kt responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Hopefully other players will also notice that actual work has been done being the simplistic look and feel ;)

I did the game 100% solo. I auto-generated the music using some software though.

very well done!

a good game, and fun a too!
it's very fun, and tricky (when you try to move in the maze), but at least it's some good fun, and the difficulty is reasonable(in the final level, you get to choose amongst other ''paths''.

also, i hope you can unlock the ''scenes'' page somehow, since i saw a hint/nudge towards it.

the girls were sexy, the tips/info were/was usefull, and the whole game was enjoyable.

do more!

Veinom responds:

Yes lvl 10 is hard but its a multi-path, thanks for bringing it up!
and yes there is a way to get to the scenes directly but its a secret! ;)

good game.

very good game, i like the choise-making games, and this was good. despite the black-n-white, drawings, they were EPIC. so, congrats 2 the man who did them.

anyway, i did most of the endings, and won(eventually, mh) my fave ending, was.. gambling fever, when they got at the ship. haha. also, loved the rooster joke.

Hyptosis responds:

hey thanks for the comments ^_^

good game

nice thing, quite fun.
add a bit of sounds, and bg

e-norm responds:


more sound in the next update

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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