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amazing story, and hillarious expression... i LOVED what you did (madness mini, and its incredible pretty story), but also, i LOVED what ace did with the drawings/hillarious story.

you should do more comics/more.of this...
great stuff, it should be done again!

again, as always, good madness insanity, voilence, but also, reign of order through the cross-faces. (guys who valiantly fought to kill the beast).
i liked the final guy at the desk who fought so bravely, too sad that he died, and i also liked the guy who killed the beast, and then, he told to the cleaner to clean all this mess.

BTW, cleaner's in madness should get insane. noone can clean this mess. so, what if in your future animations, THE CLEANER gets MAD, and starts killing monsters, saving some people, and trying to stop the madness?
oh, and when he kills monsters he's doing it the most brutal, but clean way possible. or he cleans afterwards.

that would be fun.

anyway, good animation, and EPIC MUSIC, from chesyre!
you rock, man!
good show

a great tale of friendship!
how cant u love this guy?

we love pop-tart's too!

good movie... i liked the parts were they were chilling, and ivyasaur, asked them ''whats this?'' and pop's said: ''oh, its just some gift-bags a bank-owner is sending us as a reward..'' and has canadian porn, maple syrup, metric system, and hockey sticks!
what better than that?!

-indeed, that would make a great gift. to me.

1. so, who is this mysterious canadian, sending them gifts, with metric system, and canadian porn? will you tell us what clock is it? i hope it's not rob, he is a ROB-ber! haha, get it?
but who is it
2. so, if ribs-clock is a villain, and topcatyo and silver are the bad-guys, WHY DID YOU SHOW tricky the clown? is the real culprit? the real master-mind?
and why noone adds the anti-clocks, killing the villain, and saving the day?
3. what does weed do to pop-tart? i heard it makes sattelite into a super man, but what does it make pop-tart? i couldnt hear that no matter how many times i replayed this.
4. what BBQ's death had to do with our heroes?
will they redeem for their accidents?

5 what was that countdown screen near radiotube, and SOBE? a clock-day countdown? or the counting hours for your next flash? i think the former.

just been catching up with youl, so sorry.
add blob-mightboosh clcok in the series, too! you wont regert it, i promise!

Pop-Tart responds:

Thanks bro.

1) Lotus, from the robbery in episode 12 is sending the gifts.
Rob did indeed rob the bank. :)
Bloboosh is in there as well.

2) Ribs has been dead since episode two.
The one who killed him (presumably) hacked the mainframe and uploading a virus to delete it.
The picture of Tricky was just part of the virus.
Topcatyo has been kidnapped.
Silver is a witness to when Golden was shot.
The real mastermind will be discovered very soon.

3) The weed gives Satty the power of flight and makes Pop hyper-intelligent. "It makes Pop all Rainman"

4) We will just have to find out, won't we?

5) The countdown is how many hours until the whole mainframe is deleted... they need to stop the villain before that happens. Or life in Clocktopia will cease to be.

well, that movie was funny, i hope all dead singers forgive me for fiving this, but it was funny, and (i think) harmless, except from the guy who recorded this girl.
yes, im talking to you, pop-tart.

did your girl, sang that song intentionally like that? she did a good butc-singing, and strangely she sounded good at parts.

so, the question here is: did she butcher the song on purpose..?
i only wonder.

hahahaha very funny! the parts of kirby and jessica rabbit made me laugh alot, as well, as the ''stop fapping'' part, lolz

cool, all parts were hillarious, but especially the second part, the part with the cake, and the last part. what was the audio from(in the last part) ?
also, what's the music in the main menu from?

good submission, even if a parodym it was well-executed.

thanks for the warning. also, the clock shows the right time!
you was correct, previous reviewer!

well, this was a weird spammy, but i liked the song, what was the song?
the movie should be longer, but ok.

hillarious, but...

it was hillarious, but please, dont hurt the kiddies!
good parody, liked the duck.fla-oarange clock oments,as well as the DWARFY parts.
good job.

epic song, epic animation, tho:
1. the ending scene moves away SOOO fast that i cant look at the words that they're saying.
what do they say? and what's a parsis?
(i stopped the frame, so i can watch it)

2. you should do more flash.

great animation, reminded me of poptart's latest works, and FU's oldest ones.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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