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very good.

that was very good. it was! i liked how you made him walk in near them, as tehy were smiling. nice song, as well. what it was?

xSarCastiCx responds:

The song is the opening theme from the 80's television series "Welcome Back, Kotter."

pretty cool.

i liked it. still, could use more parts in that. both parts of iceblock and fire where good.

FireShades responds:

Yeah, I know, but it was just something we did really quick.

well.. good!

ist good, and very fun, i liked it. still, i think you should ad more, like making the peggey run away, and when egg finds it, he keeps it for himslef, seeing its cute, and then, green maple clock, chaseas him to the point he finds him, and shoots the egg. (and when he shoots the egg, instead of red it gets orange similar colour blood, cause its EGG.) and then, it ends, with ''noone steals my peggey, b***ch''. that would be fun.

GreenMapleClock responds:

that would also be alot of work, but i like your ideas, chris
man i didn't even think of the orange blood....damn it
i'll keep that in mind next time
thanks man

well man

it was fun. but TOO short. add a fun story, that will be long too! also, what mr.T said to the turd?

very good. very good.

i have to tell you, this is one of the few spartan parodies, that have made such a good story, and such a fun way to show a song, and such cool animation, as well and the expresssions, and the rythm, but and the great lip synching, and the whole dance part of it. great job! great! very cool. bravo! make more

Sh0T-D0wN responds:

Don't worry, I will.

Thanks for the review.



its good, but needs to be longer

The-stick-dude responds:

The reason it is so short is the fact that fighting has to go fast. No fast fighting makes the mice seem slo-mo. And mice move way faster than that, I assure you.


apart from the fact that you was masturbating to do this movie, i dont find anything else funny here. just my opinion.

not cool.

i must tell, for first, it should be longer. also, i may tell, that the music shouldnt loop. if you fix these things, i will like it more. and it will look better too! also, i liked the crazy effects. just improve the things i say in.

well, its ok.

man, that flash is pret ty cool, yet you need to improve some things. first, you can do the animation to have more of a backstory, but also, to try drawing the characters by yourslef. taht would make it much better. still, it cool. just im suggestin to do this

George-Lucas-III responds:

sry for killing you.
i think ill actually follow your advice

well man

its pretty cool, and fun. nice flash

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:


well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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