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it was really good.

it had really good graphics, and you could feel the movement.however, make the credits shorter.....yeah.

Ghosty22 responds:

You don't have to watch the credits if you don't want to...

it was really good....

it was really good.... but, the scenario wasnt.i mean, dragon ball z powerballs and halo swords? i mean, come on, do something more creative and fun, because you can draw really well, dont waste that talent.....yeah, like.so.and it was nice i guess.


it was good, but i think you should add some expressions to the characters when they get shot, hit, sworded, hitted.etc. i mean they were emotionsless, like they were bored lol.however, you should make and a different face for pac man, since he is the protagonist.and you should make the movie longer.however its good.

it was really good..........

it was really good.... you shouldnt quit on stick animations.i especially liked the victory dance he did, yeah......so.

it was really cool.....

it was a really cool movie, and i especially liked the scene with the medals in legendaryfrogs part,and i really liked the indiana jones referance, by superflash bros.overall, i think i liked all the scenes, even if im not a fan of halo (very,very important) .so, however ,how did you found a guy with a voice excactly like masterchiefs? i mean, its cool, whatever, i would like to know who did the voices for masterchief, because he sounded cool.

well, it was good...BUT

before one month, i had the same experience. view pootytang adventures 005 or something similar in the title.then check the reviews.if you see one with my name, you will see i did constructive criticism, but he insulted me.in the start, i got mad but after a few minutes i got it that he does it to EVERY user.who answers in the reviews of these movies.so, all i have to say, is dont put up with this situation.he just likes attention.however, its a good flash, despite the quality even if you intended on making it like this.however, the sound was a little bit fuzzed, and i couldnt hear well, but however, good flash.my advice is to try more with your flash.

mecha-chao responds:

Holy well written review Batman, I think you're on to something.
Thats exactly why I got mad too, and usually I'm the type to walk away from something this stupid, but its the lack of effort on part of the THREE authors that really stuck in. I mean... it took THREE people to make that film?
Even if i intended to make the quality kinda crappy, not everyone has to like it, and i get that, so its cool to say so.
The sound is fuzzed to cut the filesize down. I didnt see an option to use 24kbs quality mono sound, so had to use 16. 32 would have doubled the filesize almost, and i think thats more important.
I intend to try much harder on my next project, if I ever finish another one. Thanks for watching though!

it was good...

but very shoooort.do it longer.

it was good, i guess........

it was good.and respect the janitors!!!!!! yeah.....

it was good.

yeah, it was good, and i really liked the animations.it was really smooth, and you could really see the expresion of the character.i also liked the part of the wind and the movement of her hair.however, the sound has some glicthes ,because after a few seconds ,the music, was doing a weird sound like every six seconds.however, i dont know, but i think you should see that problem with the sound.overall, its a very nice flash.yeah.so, keep it up.nice series.i hope they continue...yeah

it was good.yeah.......1

it was good, but you should do something.when you view a movie made from a member of the bb, and it ends, then it loops over.and it goes on and on.couldnt you do something that would made the animation when it ends to, finish, and freeze? because looping isnt very good.however, it was a really nice collaboration, and i hope it stays.yeah.keep doing them.i especially laghed at supermario and the italian block and the fact that he wanted to join.so, yeah ,keep doing flash, nice work....

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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