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it was good...but.....

it was good, but the sound when the narrator was talking, was really annoying, because it was doing all the time the crack sound, when he was talking.fix this.i know its hard to take a song and change the lyrics by putting them in the song, but fix this.

it was good. but.....

it was good, and i liked how you did the sprites, but the scenario wasnt originall.i mean zombies?!!?!!!!?!! everyone flash artist has
done an movie with zombies, even me! but, apart from these, it was perfect 4 to 5.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Yeahhh but I did it better.

yeah, it was really good!!!!

i really liked the smoke song, and how you made a good animation fitting with it.still, you drawn that sonic character? if you did, good job.especially liked the eyes =) still, however, i hope this stays, and be not in the judgement.i voted good.so, better stay. =)
i really liked the song.

good movie.................

good movie, but the sounds when they were talking, werent very clear.please fix that.and make the movie longer.....yeah

illuzionx responds:

Will do, TO record voices im using my mp3 player (built in mic) I'm looking at buying a good good mic .. maybe ..
Yea, this was just to see how people respond to this, thanks ^.^


they need mouth and eyes, and ears ,and moustach and generaly a face.you know.

TheBand07 responds:

actually we live in england, and in england, no one has any features of anykind because of a nuclear explosion and inbreeding.

nice flash.......nice flash!

nice ,thats it, man....nice.......

BlakTornado responds:

thanks =]

*cough*this movie was crap*cough*

it was great!!!!

i really liked it, every scene on it! great! do more! i especially liked the scenes <<yeah, right>> ,oh, shes so beautifull, and the guy who, after the <<fatality>> said...<<toasty!!!!>>.do more!
still, how did you do the effect in the scene that nick steel (rofl)
throws the <<another cool gadjet>>on the choppers window, and then the half screen blurs,showing the faces of those in the hellicopter, and then showing the gadjet? did you used photoshop in flash, or did you used just a tool in flash?
however, good flash! keep it up!! good flash!!!!!

Holy-Howard responds:

Thanks for the review.
The blureffect was just a mix between blur and tweening. No Photoshop or other Tool ;)

hey man!

this was yours or stollen, because apart from the pictures of transformers ,bill clinton, and the gi (i dont know its f***ng name) , it had a quite nice animation behind it.so, did you do, all the stuff?

JujubeLock responds:

yeah, what BaconXBits said, watch LL-Lemon Tree if you are interested.


it was TOO D*MN LONG! it was good, man, but it was very, VERY long LONG!!!!!make it the same way as you do, but please shorter.
it would look better summarised.so, shorter.....shorter, would look a lot betta.shorter.

i like your flash.

you know, you see it almostly like me, that a movie must be good in a quality,BUT it also has to have a great scenario.and you did had a GREAT scenario.it was hillarious.great job you good man,you.
it was great and AWESOME.keep it up, dude!!!!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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