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i feel it.
a wonderful music about emotions and friendship. cute lil movie, man!
what's the song in this? keep it up.

and mildly entertaining.(mostly because of the song). funny.
i hope wreath takes his lesson.
or wraith. or whatever he's called.


jeez BB
y u such a critic homie

your movies are fun and inspiring, no matter how short they are, cool!
keep it up, your faith in the clock crew, and keen motivation inspires all of us, good stuff.

AbbazabaClock responds:

You should be a motivator to reviewers everywhere.

a wonderful song, and a wonderful movie to accompany it to.
really, ethere is nothign more to say here, other than the fact that this was VERY good, and the animation was very fluid in this.
it was very emotional, and it was nice to show the other side of the coin as well.
it was nice to see mordred grow from an infant to a boy to a young man, ready to face arthur ina fatal battle, and to be accompanied by his mother, the woman who was arthur's arch enemy.
a greta flash, overall, very emotional, and well-animated.

this movie is like a young lass
uncomparable, and with a nice ass
and some may find it shocking
but i find this animation to be rocking
the only part that made me sad
was that his father was bad
tho, i might add, the good part
is that he is a lover who knows the art

a wonderfull song, and i love it.(and the animation too!)
reminds me of ''fear and loathing'' in vegas.

good animation, but WHATS THE BACK-STORY?
what is this based up on?

dear god!
good animation, tho. it was too short, make it longer, and add a plot/explanation.

AbbazabaClock responds:

Back story - We watched honey boo boo, it sucked, I left


this is VERY good, and well-animated, not to add, that it's also VERY original.
i would like to see more.
need any voice-actor's for the skeleton-sherrif? that would be cool.
i wonder what happens next, and what's the backstory for the characters. very good cartoon.

Eyelids-pie responds:

i wasnt actually planning on doing anything more with this complete piece of shit
but while making it i thought up this little backstory that ages ago the skeleton cowboys and the human cowboys had this huge war and the skeletons lost and they are still SO BUTTHURT ABOUT IT

funny loop, and i liked the mustache and the whole mario-background.
i say, it should have a story tho, like, absinthe, saying that he will quite the CC, and you saying a spell that brings B in life in order to hunt absinthe down, and bring him back in the CC, thus, ending in the chase here, ad having then a comedic ending, like absinthe falling near a goomba and breaking in pieces, or to get eaten by a plant(since it's the super-mario's world in the background), and then get a ''GAME-OVER'' screen, with a dissapointed B.

good effort

too short, but quite funny.i liked that you used accurate parts, like injured hank, and dead deimos.
seriously half-dead deimos doing the harlem shake...hillarious! XD
very clever, and very funny animation, but still, it was too short.

what's with this harlem shake, anyways? is it somethin/ new?

Kenamy responds:

Short Just Like others Harlem shake, plain to The Creator :3

good, but add some animation to it, and a story, or at least a epilepsy warning.

AbbazabaClock responds:


well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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