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this is VERY good, and well-animated, not to add, that it's also VERY original.
i would like to see more.
need any voice-actor's for the skeleton-sherrif? that would be cool.
i wonder what happens next, and what's the backstory for the characters. very good cartoon.

Eyelids-pie responds:

i wasnt actually planning on doing anything more with this complete piece of shit
but while making it i thought up this little backstory that ages ago the skeleton cowboys and the human cowboys had this huge war and the skeletons lost and they are still SO BUTTHURT ABOUT IT

too short, but quite funny.i liked that you used accurate parts, like injured hank, and dead deimos.
seriously half-dead deimos doing the harlem shake...hillarious! XD
very clever, and very funny animation, but still, it was too short.

what's with this harlem shake, anyways? is it somethin/ new?

Kenamy responds:

Short Just Like others Harlem shake, plain to The Creator :3

good, but add some animation to it, and a story, or at least a epilepsy warning.

AbbazabaClock responds:


here's another epic movie by radiotube, whose immense art in backgrounds, and also in spaceships is visible.
the whole meaning of size and of dimensions, along with the ''halo-type'' universe in a ship, element, adds to the epic.
can a planet fit into a spaceship? in this case it can.(and by planet, i dont mean earth, but the whole system that exists inside the spaceship. truly amazing.)

i liked how the aliens where designed (with the humaniod white aliens with the side-gills on his neck, and the alien-alien with the white tights, hah) but also i liked how they planed on avenging radiotube and topcatyo, and teleported them from where they were, and onto their ship(radiotube was at his boat, as always, lol)
i also liked how this story ended, with our heroes escaping from the clutches of the evil alien duo, and getting to use the weapon of...DUBSTEP!
epic, and hillarious.

once again, a great episode, my friend, and im happy and proud of watching it.
i have to ask though, the disco aliens, were our friends right? how did they turned against the clock crew this time? i wonder.
also, why noone reviews these?
great movie, PLEASE do more :D

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! I know they where our allies in other flash movies so maybe these can be a different faction or something.

hahahaha, this seems insanely funny!
it was well-done my friend, and it is alot better than the first episode, in my opinion.
it had funny face expressions, randomness, and an evil-mage appearing, for the epic battle-off!
i liked the wizard's expressions, and the ''RAGE'' wall background, and the whole fighting theme.
a funny movie. did you voice-acted in this, too?

also: which character was originally black, and you changed him to white? i am v. curious.
good cartoon, i expect more.

Psychopath responds:

Oh yeah, the one black character was edited out entirely when we reappropriated the footage for a child audience. We knew we were gonna do that ahead of time but we decided to shop the black character to be white anyway.

ok animation, what program did you used for this? pivot, or flash?
also, you should add a preloader, or a play button, imho.

mcslurpi responds:

window movie maker

fun film, but needs DUMPSTER ACTION SCENES!!!


there was tons of that stuff man what movie were you watching?

it was a good pixel-sprite movie, and the animation was OK, but man, add a story into it, or a plot, or anything. make it longer, with a plot, or at least, make this movie to have a story, like start, plot, and an ending.

you added a preloader and a play button, so that's good for you, and your animation was very good, so, all you need now, is to add a story to your animations.
try man, i know you are good!

pivot5 responds:

Well, thanks for the review and information.

it was good, but i don't get the joke.
good lil movie, tho! it was worthy of a voted 5

cownose-ray responds:

its not really a joke as much as something me and my old skoolfriends made up

thanks for the 5 though

omg, he hit on that wall! :o
good lil movie.

Alphaman responds:


well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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