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grand story.

a great piraate-day/anti-clock-day! tribute!
i liked how you can see all this story and the back-ground of the character, among othr things, and also:
i like the ''non-clock'' clock design.
but,i think we should know more. WHY strawberry-clock, ''betrayed'' pirate-clcok?
WHY pirate has truned against SBC, and his friends(crew..)

and ummm how did he ''changed the rules?''

in the next installment(if there will be one)
please add more about the back-story/how pirate got to shoot SBC.
ALSO...loved the designs over pirate-clcok, and on sbc.

BTW, who was the voice actor?
i liked strawberry's voice actor, suited for a ''villain'', or ''angry'' voice..
but whoever did pirate's voice... was v. good, because he nailed the raspy voice tone, perfectly.
i wouldn't change a thing, both voice=actor'z were great, and the graphics, were awesome.

keep it up!

a good movie.

this was so good, that i almost wish that someone narrated my adventures.
i enjoyed the drawings(i wonder how sarez-jay looks like irl!) and i liked how they bought skyrim, and THAT was why sarez had no cash.

epic tale of a good man, helping his hungry friend, by buying him a pizza.
i like how you portray screwdriver's good spirit/kindness.

CHEERS TO YOU, SWIRLBERRY! fgor making this.

5'd, for lifting spirits.and for the humour.

SwirlberryClock responds:

I love you.


a good movie, with really good graphics, fluid motion(was it tweens, OR FBF?!1)
so, i must add, that the music choise, even if commonly used, was epic. a good movie, and i enjoyed the ''anti-clock'' clcok-face, that the ''haters'' had. a nice way to celebrate pirate-clock's b-day!

welp, i sure hope you will do the episode 2.
also: the voices were good, even tho it seemed a bit.... pretentious/ too much ''angsty''/ or ''hyped '', perhaps.

you should go by a maore natural approach, or by selecting a ''milder, yet ANGRY type of voice.

anyway, a good movie, and i enjoyed seeing it .

a wonderfull adaptation.

once again, a wonderfull adaptation, of ''lord of the rings'', that got made into a WONDERFULL, BEAUTIFULL, movie.
you did great, once more, and it was epic.
the visuals were simply spectacular, and the voice talents (esp. grandfather, you, and nef, along with biblo, and that means all the voices i guess, lol) WERE STUNNING.
i love'd nef's narrating voice, and the choice of having boynberrie's to take the vote.
also, i liked the big battle scene, and the part where isilburrito fought to avenge his father.
what a brave clock.

well, a great mvoie, by a great artist, and i hope you would conitnue this, in the future.
im simply speechless.

an epic film!

i only wonder why only 300 people have reviewe'd this movie, while anime-video-game movies get so much more...kinda unfair.
a wondrous adaptation/tribute to the lord of the rings... and a wonderfull example of art and amazing animation. done in 2006, and it steal is TOP-NOTCH, even today, and can out-beat any newly created flash today, with ease.

also i LOVED the amazing visuals, on the clocks(how did you made them move, and shine/glimmer, even when you pasued the movie?!) how did they shine like that? (like, when boysnberry became ''dark'' for a moment.)
excellent visuals, on raspberrys clock (how did it shine?) and on pinneapple's clock.

also, i should add, it had AMAZING, SPLENDID voice-actors, like the good grandfather clock, the noble, INSULIN PUMP-CLOCK, and ofcourse the talents of biblo as the rottum,
but, perhaps the greatest voice of them movie, here was strange-clocks.-yours.
it was deep, manly, and magnificent, as only a great actors would be.

i wish this would go on, but the series appears to be dead.
if you ever return, i think you should try animating, and finish this!

a wonderfull thing!

WHAT an astonishing reveal!

so, abobo HAS a 'stache.
now, like mario, haggar, and luigiiiiiii, abobo will finally earn a spot in the ''legendary heroes with moustaches ion-video games'' club!
finally, truth restored!

ps. great flash, loved it,

RicePirate responds:


3 years? woa

3 years of dedication to the lock-legion? great, but... pssssh.... i've been in the clock-crew. better.

nevertheless, i think the animation's great, and i liked wine-lock's looks,/and designs of the wine-lock. he seemed like one of those vintage, ancient bottles of wine that you find after a complete apocaliptic time of war and conflict.

OVERALL: a wonderfull movie, with an amazing joke, and a astrong ''punchline'' (no pun)
but yes, i loved the ''i liked explosive better''
koffi: me too (he was explosive, lol)

though, why he changed his name? i thought update-clock AKA, explosive-lock, was THE ORIGINAL explosive lock.

great movie, tho, keep at it, bro.
<3 wine lock


what is this? a lock-flash?! i don-WHOAH. amazing movie, with SPLENDID visuals, and WONDERFULL animation, this looks so...
it's amazingly sharp and vivid, and not only that, it's V. funny!
i loved the whole humour, and the voices, even though mechanic(m. sam, and m. mike, heheheheh m.mioke) ANYWAY, they looked fit/awesome.

what were the animations used with? tweens? frame by-frames?
just tell me there. if you please, sir.

anyway, the story was hillarious, and the ending... WHOO!
''you can have my horn'' ''HONKER HONKER!''.
also, i loved how jujube was all like ''i will help!''.
also, lolerskates, was awesome, in a ''johnny-rocketfingers'' kind-of-fashion, minus the ''mean'' part.
he was great!
SIDENOTE: is lolerskates, related to ''lollercupcake''? just asking.

anyway, wonderfull flash, and a GREAT one.
congrats magic-wand, you've earned yourself, a clock-fan! :D

so sad.

it is sad to wtach.
yet very well-done...
love the black and white look, as well as the m. fruit's clock-movement! was
it tween's, or FBF?
i wonder.

also, did toastymc toast come back?

also, it needs more gradients.


a submission worthy of being the jewel of the 10-th year anniversarry, since it combined both old, and new-elements, in the film, because in the first part, it was all about the ''old-times'', and the awesomeness, of the clock-crew, but also, it showed the team-work spirit, and the adventurous mood.
and i loved the all ''SBC RULES YOU'' and the whole ''we can do it'' modd it had.
the second part, on the other hand, as i will agree with the clock-reviewer below me,
was sensible, and touching, and even more artisticly revised.
also, the visuals were alot better, even tho, i like old-school clocks style, as well.
tho, this reminded me(yet again), the style of pin clock.
that's how he did the clock's.
truely, pop, has ALOT of talent, and inspiration, coming on his hand.
other than that, i love pop's style that looks awesome like the pin's(clock). .
and i liked the meaning in this movie...
the 3nd part was the most emotional, but i liked 'em both.
5/5 10/10

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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