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good film , man

s short, yet enjoyable(?) movie, and quite funny (liked the ending...)
very well-done in animation, very vivid, and quite hillarious as to how pumkin-clcok was bored, and crancky to vuvuzela, after seeing him.

BTW, does vuvu, trun always into zuzu, or is it a one-timer?

AHH MAN, btw, lopve'd the opening credits! how did ya make the latter's move? FBF, OR... tweens?
very good animation, i tip my hat 2 u, sir.

StonesOfAnarchy responds:

Thanks bb10, also, zuzuvela is one of the color'd vuvuzelas, each color has there own personality.
Nobody likes vuvuzelas :)
and by latters do you mean the credit titles thereself? Tweening. the only fbf I did was mostly the door opening, hands grabbing and suchs. Thanks again :)

excellent! bravo!

a wondrous movie about the death and life of pinneapple clock, and his return as a ghost, to warn strawberry clock of his past-enemies who died, but had many supporters lurking around, waiting for strawberry's demise.
and with only rasberry's support on his side, and with apple-clock going missing after a mission, on lock-lands, will strawberry clcok survive?
and will the scandal of his past crimes in the civil-clock-war ever fade?

WONDERFULL. i esp. liked the humoristic view on traek-won's story, and how he joined the clock-crew. WONDEFULL presentation, knotts, i think you should come back.
we need you.

ps.great music, what is it from? epic.


hahahahaha it was so fun!
simple animation, yet so clever script!
loved it, even though it took a while to get there, and even tho the sound was annyoing, it was fun how the vibrator got in the desk.

hahahahaha fun joke, keep it up, sir!


once again, a wonderfull movie, and a great tribute to hamburger clock, or burger clock!

whoah, makes me wish you did me a tribute flash/b-day-flash, or /something!

anyhow, this was flawless, and epic, and had amazing, drawing style, while the humour, reminded me of FU-clock's episodes. i almost wish you brought these back.


voted 5, as always, you're worth itt.

epic. film.

i thought this was great, the expressions of the clocks, have been AMAZIN!
loved this, has potential, i can't wait to see the real deal.
will you do it?
i hope so.

every clcok should do a ''what is B to you'' movie.
wanna send you my ideas on B?

hmmm great flash, only needs to be done.-complete.


good animation, and style, as well as epic voices(whta program did u use?)
but man, why it had NO ending?
i think a movie like this should deserve, at least an endin'g.

anyway, good, film, i 5'd.

and uhhh, wanna do a film together?
how can i find a pic of burger clock?

burger clwoak: aie voated fieve ewe fewel! ewe rokkk! fievs! fievs!

CorpseGrinderClock responds:


well, i...uhhh

i liked the characters, and while i was scared you was gonna post something very offensive, that was kinda cute.

eh, nice movie, i hope that you didn;t make this movie in a ''mean'' or offencive way, because it seems so mild and harmless, that im shocked.

the animation is k


good, tho a little back-story wouldn't hurt.
nice animations, and great ending (with china, norse, and pirate's speach...)


also, did you do all parts? who was metal clock..?

a grey-clock-epic.

truely great!
the british-man-from the-future, the man with-moustache, the grey-stuff(he's without his clock!), and the insane pussyflaps?

a wonderfull flash, and the ending was magnificent, even tho the ending sound-clip was slightly annoying.

anyhow, what was the music, in this movie, and how can i get the sound/voice-clip from ''FROM THE FUTURE!''.

lastly: who was ''moustache-man''? does he has a name? same with john clees-i mean, FUTURE GUY. who is he
name ur characters, man!

lastly, you get 5. keep it up!

hmmm no

man, it sure grows!

good movie... i lik'ed,
and the trasform part wuz funny, and
it n was great!.1

also, great pic of BBQBEEF. did u use PS? how did you made those images? fifen

BlueZombieClock responds:

I knew it was you, BB10!

Glad you liked it. I did use photoshop for BBQ beef! I just cropped the different parts of a few pictures of burgers and made them into seperate PNG files, that way they could be animated individually


well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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