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well, that's a great story, and the true originis of grey clock as an apiring animator, and portal warrior.
i loved how he was reading his favorite ''adventures of crippelboye'' comic, and how he was grooving it with crab-clock.
will crab clcok survive? i only wonder!

a great movie, by astronaut clock, i loved the simplistic style,a nd the exquisite story, but my only complaint was that it didn't had a preloader and voice-acting.
i could help ;) lol jk
good movie, holmes, do more!

C0mBineD responds:

help me bb10

an amazing entry, once more.

a delightfull presentation of the life and times of sattellite (is he still on CC, or he left, BTW?)
and pop's... good tale, nice images/visuals, and fun depictions of haltman. (does he talk like burger-clock?)

umm, nice story, but the new cadets are FU-clock and anhkn-clock?
and how come satellite and pop's left weed?
what will they do to get at officer's status agn?

good film, though. 5/5

Pop-Tart responds:

That's a lot of questions, BB10

FU and Ankh are detectives.. they are at the academy looking for Sat & Pop (see episode 19)

They gave up weed because they blame it for ruining their lives... as for whether they return to duty... just keep watching. We're nearing the end!

As for Satty "IRL"... he's takin a break. He'll be back..

hmmm... a new crew?

a new crew! yay! will it survive? i dont know.

i hope you guys will do good, and your flashes seem funny, tho, if you ever quit, go join clock-crew!

also: how did you do this thing with the subtitles?
im curious...
good little movie, fived

LockFlash responds:



needed more sonic hentai/zelda rear action.
good movie tho, with the traditional quallity, only set for the NG audience.
a masterpiece about v-games.


an amazing turn of events! we now KNOW who links to that insulin pump!
i always thought it would be ANOTHER insulin pump, powering the other for etermity, or perhaps the narrator.

but really, two fun facts:

1. when i was watching this (a few secs ago), i saw the ''no signal'' sign on insulin-pump, flashing, and i was thinking, that the movie was a loop (i saw it without sound, because i was working) and i said ''i shouid click >play>forward,'' and THEN... the movie continued playing. witout me even clicking it.

2. i was hoping i would see donald duck in this movie, but i got the next best thing after unca-scrooge:
LAUNCH-PADDD! who looks like brendan frazer. and was launch pad fat in this one? i only wonder.

anyhow, i demand in your next movie, since you're on a roll (hahahahaha) and you are on a movie-spee (hahahahahahaha) I DEMAND:

insulin-pump jr. the kid deserves his spot in fame. i grew up watching him study for harvard, and i baby-sit-ted him for 2 YEARS.TWO-YEARS, while you was busy at work, and doing movies and concerts for your 85 million fans!

oh, man, how much has he grown! i remember telling him stories, and talking with you, while he was watching the telly (tv).such a good young, upstanding man!

yep, he should be in more movies.
and you, keep up the good work!

PS. will you add my voice i n future submissions, if i ask you?

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Of course Launchpad is fat in this! I cannot stress enough his fatness! And Brendan Frasier? "Woah! Heh heh."

Harvard? I guess Insulinpump Jr. is going to need more then just a partial scholarship.

Also Insulin is not always attached to someone else. That would be gross. This is a special and creepy event. I used to think the tubing was attached to himself most of the time which is really weird.

great movie!

well, the video was GREAT, the music, not so much, but the story/plot was quite original.
what the plot is about, tho?
i liked the battle-scene with SBC, and ki1o, thdrkside, and steak clock, along with carrot, and tree(liked how sbc ''chopped'' him, lol) though, what i liked the most, was:

liked this alot, And, i hope you do alot more....
good job.

StonesOfAnarchy responds:

thanks bb10
Basicly, SBC is running clocktopia, praising B, when the anti-clocks steal the portal to resurrect ThDrkSide (the portal required sacrifices) SBC goes to defend the city when he is captured in prison.He escapes and goes to eliminate the major anti-clocks etc, fight with carrot, steb steb steb , bout to be consumed, boom
thanks :D


a grand voyage, by insulin pump-clo-i mean guy! and his mates, on a trip to grandness, and success! and grandeur!

anyway, i hope he will find the treasure he was seeking(back in the OLD super-happy-fun-time, if you remember, done by sherclock...)
what was the treasure? diabeetus? or the cure for the diabeetus?
i sure wish so!

anyway, really, i loved it, and the voice-acting is funny.
i hope i will voice-act for you.
will you ask me?

anyway, keep it, UP!
loved the pirate-story, style, and stuff, ANND...
i also would love to see more about insulin pump jr., because he's a nice guy. and a good boy. i remember him since he was THAT high.
they grow so fast! kid needs his fame!

also, errr do more, and i will vote five, so he can go to colege.

united.with insulin pump

voted 5....

InsulinpumpClock responds:

I love the Insulin pump jr character ever since he showed up in Roman collar's ajudication movie. Thanks for your generosity. Maybe he'll go to Harvard now.

I was making the movie a while ago explaining what the treasure is but I came up with a lot of fun ideas and it got out of control so I want to save it for later. I told Sherclock that would be cool if it was episode 50. I don't think we should get to that number alone though.

a wonderfull film!

it's an amazing clock-epic from 1918! wonderfull! epic! beautifull!
bringing clock-epics, one day at a time!

so splendid!
loved the story and the graphics, as well, as the portraying of robbin'g rob, and his robying, theiving ways!
as well, i also liked the role of miracle fruit, as a wonderfull mature man, who became a hero, and tried to save himself from that dastardly thief!
and ofcourse, we should always mention the great poly.hendron clocck jr., a wonderfull man, who is an epic clock, and a legandary sherrif!

too bad the miraclefruit-lad, or m.lad, got abducted by strange stuff.
a sad, sad, ending.

oh, well, the movie was good, so i fived it.
cheers lad!

grand story.

a great piraate-day/anti-clock-day! tribute!
i liked how you can see all this story and the back-ground of the character, among othr things, and also:
i like the ''non-clock'' clock design.
but,i think we should know more. WHY strawberry-clock, ''betrayed'' pirate-clcok?
WHY pirate has truned against SBC, and his friends(crew..)

and ummm how did he ''changed the rules?''

in the next installment(if there will be one)
please add more about the back-story/how pirate got to shoot SBC.
ALSO...loved the designs over pirate-clcok, and on sbc.

BTW, who was the voice actor?
i liked strawberry's voice actor, suited for a ''villain'', or ''angry'' voice..
but whoever did pirate's voice... was v. good, because he nailed the raspy voice tone, perfectly.
i wouldn't change a thing, both voice=actor'z were great, and the graphics, were awesome.

keep it up!

a good movie.

this was so good, that i almost wish that someone narrated my adventures.
i enjoyed the drawings(i wonder how sarez-jay looks like irl!) and i liked how they bought skyrim, and THAT was why sarez had no cash.

epic tale of a good man, helping his hungry friend, by buying him a pizza.
i like how you portray screwdriver's good spirit/kindness.

CHEERS TO YOU, SWIRLBERRY! fgor making this.

5'd, for lifting spirits.and for the humour.

SwirlberryClock responds:

I love you.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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