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really nice animation. it had smooth animation speed, good drawings of the characters faces/of their face expressions, there was an awesome maitre d at the restaurant, and in general, the movie was filled with lots of shooting and with crazyyy action!
great work, good movie, awesome visuals.

keep up the good work, and do more!!!

Diotoons responds:

i will (:

really nice, fluid animation, with great visuals, good face(?) expressions, and with some nice action going on!
first of all, that silly robot caused alot of wild mayhem, because it went insane when it started zapping all those poor animals...
then i liked the clever cameo's of your coyote character/of your raccoon/your turtle/your cat-woman character, it was really clever! ;)
then, i liked the epic duel of the turtle VS the robot, it was truly magnificent, and the final moral/meaning of the story that was shown after the credits was really really cool.

all in all, it was a GREAT movie, with amazing animation, great drawings of the characters, cool mayhem, and a good(?) meaning in the end.
crazy but awesome movie.

PS: did you know that a ''fagg*t'' was a term for the large branches of sticks, that were used for big bonfires?
yup! a pack of sticks was called a ''fagg*t'' back in the dark ages!

keep making cool/strange movies, sir!

golfinho responds:

really?! cool!!!

OMG, i still cannot believe that detective raindrop died in the explosion, while he was trying to save the local aquarium from getting nuclear radiation, due to the nucleus weapon of mr alien...
great conclusion to the ''crimson wars'' chapter.

ZabuJard responds:

u always nail the reviews chris, right on the money!

short but sweet!

nice, quick animation, with great visuals, detailed drawings of both the human and of the demons alike, nice action scenes, and cool depiction of the sound-waves/of the super sonic speeds...

brutal and nicely orchestarted action, and overall, its a great DOOM tribute. rip and tear... until it is done! ;)

FL-Nordin responds:

YUSSS! short and sweet was what this challenge was all about, im very happy that you liked the action. i havnt played doom myself, but a couple of walkthroughs in and i was sold.
and their ost is phenomenal <3


a funny, and enjoyable stick-adventure movie!

i liked how the 3 heroes, the warrior, the rogue (ninja), and the mage were helping each other on how to get out of the evil forest, and on their quest to defeat... the BLOOD TITAN!!!!
the fight was fast-paced, nicely drawn+well animated, and while some parts looked strange (the titan's knight/armour hand, or his golden shoes, or the tree's branch at the end), the whole movie was genuinely good, and funny.

i enjoyed it alot.

you should do more episode of this, because its a cool idea for a mini-series!
keep up the good work.

Mark8 responds:

Thank you very much! I really appreciate you saying that and I am glad you liked it! :)

Yes, you're perfectly right, the Titan's armor and hand, as well as the branch... they look strange. That's because, well, I am not a super-experienced animator, nor an expert. I don't really know how to edit, plus that I had to look for images that somewhat match the video, but in the same time it had not to be copyrighted. Of course, i couldn't really make my own, because I then had to turn it into PNG image, so that I can work with them (and I'm lacking the tools)...

Anyway, I really appreciate that you were honest, and told me the good parts AND the bad parts!
Again, I am glad you liked it and that you enjoyed it! :) :)

Best Regards!

excellent work for you first movie.
all the characters are nicely drawn, with a good animation speed going on, and while the humour is random, its still quite nice to watch.

BTW, the character's eyes/faces vaguely remind me of family guy/the simpsons, so its funny as well.

good work, keep it up, and do more stuff like this!

Miltage responds:

Thank you very much!

excellent stick-movie, especially for your first animation!
it has good visuals, a nice, fast-paced animation, good fighting scenes, and cool transitions!
good movie, and a really nice stick-fighting movie...

it also had a nice combination of action+humour... thats cool.

keep it up!

VrickG-Animated responds:

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your positive respond and giving me five stars even though I'm just a newbie. Thanks chris-the-stick2!!

excellent drawings, nice layout, good presentation of your comic, into a motion comic type format.
its clever!

this felt like a cool superhero comic /graphic novel, and it was really good, with an interesting story, and with beautiful visuals (excellent drawings, once again!)

i liked the story, and while im not a fan of violence, it was interesting, to say the least.

also, the music choice of zimmer was great, and it enhanced the movie into becoming more epic...
great work, cool movie, great drawings/visuals.

keep it up!

MartinMaySee responds:

Big time thanks for the positive feedback!

I really appreciate the feedback on my drawing style. The pencil drawing during the montage was done by Sarah, the voice actor for the female character, so for that one I have to give her credit.

I know the violence is a bit extreme at the end, but it all ties into elements of the story.

More updates will arrive in the coming weeks if you're interested. Thanks again!

once again, you did a creative & helpful guide about gravity...

nice animation, cool stickman scenes (such as the falling stickman animation), and the 5 facts format was good.

i liked it. its a bit short, but everything's nice in your movie, so i cannot complain.
good work, keep making cool movies!

hasanfarhan33 responds:

Thanks again.

pretty good and informational guide about hydrogen.
i really liked the 5 fun facts structure and the stickman scene with the hydrogen balloon+the lighter, it was clever!

i personally liked it, and it was quite fresh and enjoyable. (and educational as well)

good work!

hasanfarhan33 responds:

Thank you. I will try to make my animations longer

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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