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absolutely awesome retelling of the classic story, with magificent, fluid animation, nicely drawn characters, and with great animation speed.
i also liked the dynamic lettering, along with the actor's wild face expressions.

good job! you created a really nice movie!
keep up the good work, man.

OmegaFazer responds:

Thank you so much, It motivates me so much this kind of reviews :D

a heartbreaking movie about jasons quest to catch the 18:00 train for utah, as he has to deliver a pack of aspirines for his best friend juster, who is suffering from a bad case of chronic migraines, a condition that haunts his days, and ruins his nights...
...and only jason can help him.
but will he catch the 18:00 train for utah?
thats the question.

great storytelling, mr zabu, great storytelling.
we have learned many things in here.

ZabuJard responds:

>:) <33333333333333

short, but OK...

nice animation, good action, and a cool idea.
just the fact that this movie isnt located in nevada, is a good start.
you should also draw snowing, frozen tundras, vast forests and high mountains in your backgrounds, in order to add more variety in your movie's enviroment...

also, the main character isnt hank, and thats great! (honestly, it is!), therefore, its cool to see the adventures of the nameless madness agent (whats his name? is it wolf?), as he fights the iron sentinels of madness...

the only problem is that the movie is too short. otherwise, it would've been perfect...
also, you should add a preloader, or a play/replay button...
loops are not very cool, and often people misinterpret some movies, when they are loops.
(even if they are good movies, like yours).

nice movie, original idea, and a cool battle scene to watch.
there's an alarming lack of feet in your characters, but thats OK, no big problem in here...
(as long as the animation is swift+with good fight scenes, you are good)

keep it up, you are cool.

MadnessWolf responds:

I understand your thoughts and began a new job , there certainly will be more likely .

beautiful, fast-paced, flawless animation.
it might be short, but its nicely animated, detailed, and very, VERY interesting...
the mans(?) face expression as (s)he is holding the dead woman is very shocking, since (s)he is smiling, and thats a very crazy/wild smile, i might add... :O

i also liked how the person's headband/ribbon flew away, and over the city, revealing to us the place of the tragedy, and thus marking the start of the epic drama...

great animation!
good drawings of the characters, flawless, detailed face expressions, and an interesting story as well!

this will be an epic manga story, if you will animate the whole thing.

keep it up, you are great!

ibrabdo responds:

thx man, what nice professional review wow, :D i'm developing the manga version, tho i like doing animation that why im doing an animated teaser around 1:30 min hopeing to get support somehow to make it a featured anime, it still early since i have a fulltime job along with freelance job, but trying to use whatever extra time i have to do so :) thx again

amazing FBF animation, with swift, relentless speed, good pace, and excellent details.
(GREAT drawings of the protagonists face, along with excellent animations+designs of the revolver...)
i have to ask: what FPS speed did you used?
and was this done in flash, or was it created with an other program?
i am most impressed by your amazing works, and even tho it was a short movie, i enjoyed every second of it.
im certain that your manga will be magnificent as well.
i see great potential in you, my good sir!
keep up the good work!!!

ibrabdo responds:

thx, i did animate it using flash, tho i guess i ll be using different software for cleanups and coloring plus the backgrounds going to be built in 3D and overpainted in photoshop and the whole thing will be packed and edited in aftereffect for post production, and using 24 FPS for FBF :)

its pretty good, nicely animated (with quick FPS!), and pretty cool, but it should have a preloader, or a play-replay button.
other than that, its a nice loop, and while i usually dont like loops, this one is really well-made...
good work!

SanderHD74 responds:

btw, can you help me? i don't really know how to make a pause button xD
i work in CS5, ActionScript 3.0

ah. a new ''tribute'' to BB10. what can i say?
you hate me, yet you keep talking about me. thats what i call schizophrenia.

anyway, this was an OK movie, nicely animated, and it even had a cool monologue for BB10...
you used the quote of john candy, from the movie ''planes, trains & automobiles'', a great movie, where we see two great comedians at play, (steve martin+john candy), as the great adventure unfolds between an ordinary man (neal), and a (slightly) annoying salesman (del) who is trying to become neal's friend.

eventually, we learn many things from this movie: we laugh, we feel bad, and we have a great time in general. truly, john hughes directed+wrote some of the best comedies in the world,
he created many funny movies in all those years, and for his genuine humour+intellect, he will be missed.

thanks for the nice ''tribute'', and thanks for the pink floyd reference in your author comments.

the only thing that ruined your movie was the part where the fascist song started, and you threw BB10 out of the helicopter, but i guess in your mind you are a smooth walker and a ''hardcore dude'', so enjoy your fantasy, and keep dreaming, man! ;)

i guess you will always be the silly hattaman from socom squad, and i will always be BB10, in one way or another.

keep dreaming, my good hattaman. your delusions of grandeur are strong, and im a simple man.



wow, great stickman movie!
this movie is ALOT better than your ''stickman fight ep.1'' movie...
this movie has a background, smooth animation speed, nice fighting scenes, and cool visual effects!
i liked how each time the black stickman was about to hit his enemy, a wave was following his movements, nice effect! ;). i also liked the good speed of the movie (what FPS speed did you used?), and the FBF was good as well. (did you used any tweens, or just frame-by-frame?).
nice fighting scenes, and a cool ending, with good subs for the characters+cool weapons.

nice work, keep it up! you are good

CandybrBLg responds:

Thank you :D
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And My youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWLxf2bISEt5BgEo796-G_A
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Thanks For Watching-I can do more.Give me good support :D
FPS-12 Macromedia Flash 8

good lil movie, it reminds me of the old xiao-xiao tributes, and its pretty cool, despite it being short.
you should make your next movie longer tho, and with more fighting scenes.
good work, overall.

CandybrBLg responds:

Ok.Thank you

wow, its a really nice loop of SBC standing on an epic pose, and being cool, while dragonforce is playing in the background.
fived and supported.

have a happy clockday, man!

Sp3ktreX responds:

You rule! Check out my other clock masterpieces.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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