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you got me there... LOL! ;)

nice presentation, excellent intro, but i guess i should've expected that.
good movie, tho!
i only wish that you will (actually) do this movie one day...
it would be fun, and it would be a double-joke in its own value...

you did a good movie, and your joke was clever.
happy clockday!

RubberDildo responds:

Lubs ya bb10, keep on keepin on.

hahahaha! this was so great on so many levels!
great tank battle between the NG-mods VS the CC's elite task force (except from bb10), and it showed us a grand battle royale, complete with explosions, gun-shots, sword-throws(by bb10) and with epic victories!
and the ending, on man, that ending, with the japanese words+the anime themed song... it was so awesome!
i liked it alot!

strawberry-clock-san is indeed the king of the portal!
have a happy clockday!

AnkhClock responds:


ah, its a new episode of ''cool thoughts''! nice!

and it talks about :''being responsible'', paying your rent, ''being an adult'', and about eating salad/living healthy (i saw those salad plates on satellite's & pop-tart's lap, sir! i got the hint! ;) hehe).
so yeah, its a less relaxed, more mature episode, and it shows us that people might grow and change, but (imho) they still have the spark in them.

so yeah, to change your movie's main motto:
growing up sucks, but you will always have a childish/creative side in you, no matter what.
(all you need to do is to express it sometimes, and to unleash it in the form of art.)
(if you have free time, that is. otherwise, things are tough! (i know what you mean))

anyways, your new movie made me infinitely happy, and i loved seeing a new thing created by you.
you are the best, a great person and a great artist alike.
im always happy when i see your works.

this movie was nice, it provided us with joy and with some food for thought, while i also loved the smooth music in the end, and i LOVED the post-credits scene... (SPOILERS great joke on tropicana's clock-character... cool! END OF SPOILERS) it was funny.

once again, you've created a good movie.
have a good day, and have a happy clockday too!

Pop-Tart responds:

Of course the Trop scene is the ultimate message of the story. We will never truly grow up.

oh man!
this was AMAZING!!!

you always make awesome movies with great graphics, but once again, you did new wonders in your movie... (great work as always, with many beautiful elements)
those colourful comb jellies were incredibly well-drawn and with many colour-changing details, and i should mention that they were flashing PERFECTLY! such an awesome colour-changing sequence...
it felt as if they were real comb jellies... (i swear, i've seen many of them in documentaries, and you've matched their design+the flashing perfectly)...
also, the submarine's machines/interior was VERY detailed, i liked the laser pistol's design, and the moment when radiotube opened the submarine's safe (the scene where the bubbles emerged outside from the safe's hole as a result of the oxygen release/from the pressure release, (when radio opened the safe)),that scene was VERY nicely animated, and in a (quite) realistic way, even if this is a cartoon.

also, the moment where radiotube meets the ''creepy'' tom fulp was truly hillarious.
man, you can draw human faces/humans perfectly!
your art skills/your drawing skills are (honestly) limitless! bravo!

overall, this movie was VERY funny, very detailed, and with many awesome animation effects. (are you using more tweens recently? i think that i saw many (cool) tweens in this movie...)

anyway, this movie was funny, awesome, and VERY detailed, its perfect as always.
you are a legendary artist, and a good friend.
im proud to be your friend, and im always happy to be a part of your epic movies.

be well, and have a great clockday!
you rock!

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks for the review! I love the depth you go into, it helps a lot!

hahaha! this was so awesome: it was nicely drawn,well-animated AND funny! (despite the obvious pessimism that exists in all of your latest movies).
perhaps, i could say, that your combination of happiness+pessimism creates a nice, intriguing vibe in your films, thus making people to feel bittersweet about the clockcrew's path on the world's timeline, and it really makes people (and me) to love your movies.
sometimes, bittersweet moments can make a movie truly beautiful, just like life.

as for the movie's best moments, i liked the contrast between young SBC and his old glory days, and the modern, old SBC and his more quiet, still-dancing days...
his poopy moment was funny, and the ending made me laugh, even if my laugh was with some sadness inside it.

i guess we will all rock until we drop, right?
the clockcrew will keep fighting.

you did a great work as always man, so yeah.... you are good.
keep up the great work, and keep making awesome flash movies!
have a great clockday!

bigexplosions responds:

i realy appreciate this review. thanks man

ah, the mystical vuvucorn: it is so majestic and rare, a beautiful thing to behold.
it might not be as sexual as the penicorn, or the vagicorn, or as enchanting as the duocorn, but still, its a really cool creature.

good work sir phantomcat of clock.
happy clockday.

PhantomCat responds:


in the name of CBKSN! what was that?!
hmm, this was an OK movie, and it was cute, a simple tribute to strawberry clock, (which is fine), but alas, you have done a big mistake:
B is not black, B is red, and in times new roman.
other clocks might've punished you for this, but not me!
i shall give you another chance to redeem yourself.
create 2 more clockcrew/strawberry clock movies within this year, and you shall be absolved of your sins.

heed my warning, and listen to my plea!
glorify the name of strawberry clock this year again (twice), and you shall become a legend.
ignore my warnings, and thou shallt be stunned by strawberry's might.

have a happy clockday, sir!

StatiKz responds:

Oh crap!

Feel free to shoot me.

this was a nice, cute clockday movie, and it had some wild action!
there was everything in this movie:
SBC's cake, peter pan's mischief, and pinhead's heroic rescue!
it seems that pinhead saved the day, after all!

good clockday movie, i found it to be funny and cool.
happy clockday!

Doctor-Gordon responds:

you forgot to mention the party at the mosque

anyway thanks dude

woah, its your first movie, but its a GREAT movie for your first flash!
i am impressed, sir! :O

nice drawings of all clock-characters, good backgrounds(and if you think your backgrounds are bad, as that award was saying in your characters room, then consider this: your Bg's are better than mine.), i also liked the nice, fluid animation, the cool sounds, and the epic fight scene between phonograph and the BB10-monster. it was quite impressive!
as for the ending, it was funny, SBC really matched in that final scene.

all in all, this was a great clockday movie, and it had all the things that a viewer would want: good graphics, nice sounds, good animation, and solid humour. so, its great!!!

keep up the great work, man, i see great potential in you!
happy clockday!

PhonographClock responds:

hey I got an award for making shit backgrounds I can't complain.
Thanks for the review. Happy Clockday.

wow, excellent tribute to the old meme of ''sewer surfing'' forum sigs, and with a nice twist!
(both literally and metaphorically)

good drawings of the main characters, nice, swift animation, and a cute story behind the movie.
excellent work as always, pin... happy clockday!!!

PinClock responds:

I hope you watched long enough to find yourself!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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