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nice movie, i liked the humour, and the fast-paced summarisation of the whole movie...
along with the clever commentary+the jokes between scenes...

good work, keep it up, its cool!
you should do more stuff like this.

duffosaur responds:

thanks and i will make another

intereresting story, and an even more interesting character.
ham the sandwitch and BBQBEEFBURGERMAN would be proud with your work...
pretty funny.

onesketchyguy responds:

I can only hope to make BBQBEEFBURGERMAN proud...Thank you sir.

hahahaha! its a shortie, but a goodie!
nice lil movie, with good animation, (OK-ish)nice drawings, and with some very good humour...
very cool movie, you should make more stuff like this!!

sweet stuff, sir...

onesketchyguy responds:

Thank you very much! I work on these alone, so it feels good to know people enjoy it, if you can't wait for tomorrow, you can check out all of my toons on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT-95zywDMqy5UliOKROu8g

(careful, I put up allot of garbage too)

really smooth, fast-paced animation... i loved how fluid+flawless the character's movements are in this movie!
VERY nice FPS/animation pace/design in this movie...
i like it.

you did a great work here, and the only problem is that rick ashley didnt have a face in your movie...
and that the movie was too short.
other than that, it was perfect!!!

keep up the good work, 5/5

Corroid responds:

Thank you

ewww, thats gross, man...
but the characters are nicely drawn, and the animation is smooth, so ''good'' work, i guess...
hmmm. :/

EnzimePictures responds:

hahaha :D

man... that song was groovy, awesome, and absolutely PERFECT for a fight scene! :)
you make nice music, sir... good job!
as for the movie itself?
it has excellent animation, with nicely drawn characters, and with some VERY detailed faces/face expressions...

and the whole story sounds promising, so this will be an epic comic, i will definitely check it out...
good work, man!
you have mad skills... keep it up!

SamuraiShin1 responds:

thanks man for supporting and no its just a trailer for comic

very good animation, with nice animation speed, with nicely drawn characters: their face expressions were very nicely animated, they were detailed+funny, and the voice-acting was good...

as for the story, it was hilarious!
i loved how it escalated from normal, to weird, to crazy, to incredibly funny!!!

good work, this was a really nice+funny movie... i liked it alot!

Cruddyhands responds:

Awesome, thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

voted 5 for the great art, 5 for the good animation speed, and 5 more for the good joke/for the ''public message''... good movie, mate!

overal result:

good work!

Nivex-Gameplays responds:

thanks man ! i really apreciate it ! =)

great madness (day) tribute, with amazing+detailed drawings, good backgrounds, with fluid, fast-paced animation speed, and with a good story, with solid action!
what can i say?
its perfect!
i really liked how you drew their outfits/their helmets/their armour in general...
everything is nicely drawn, and flawlessly animated, with superb speed...
(whats your FPS speed? was it 30 FPS? also, did you used tweens or just FBF? if its just FBF, its amazing...)

all in all, great work, and a great tribute to madness (day).

keep up the good work! you are awesome

Diotoons responds:

Thanks! i've put a lot of effort in this animation so that's good to hear! the FPS was 30, and it's mostly fbf (: i'm glad you liked it

clever idea, nicely designed,drawn+nicely executed...
this was a very nice, fluid animation, with good visuals, a fresh idea, and with solid humour...
great work!
keep it up

personnotstudying responds:

Why, thank you! And for the ratings too!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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