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woah, this was a great and hilarious animation!

great drawings of all the characters, nice character movement, good pace, smooth animation, good linework, great face expressions and nice punchlines!

this movie had it all!

i loved how the prosecutor kept listing rahul's ''crimes'' and convictions, but rahul replied with a snappy comeback every time, and the court, the jury, and even the judge laughed out loud!
also, i loved how you've drawn rahul, the judge and the prosecutor realistically (in the end),
so as to resemble a court's drawing of the people who testified for this case...
it was a clever and beautiful detail, and i liked how rahul was doing the ''rahul dance''!

furthermore, there were many great puns, punchlines and funny moments in this movie, therefore making it great, enjoyable and very memorable as well...

also, the punchline/title of ''rahul found GUITY... ...of being a GREAT character!'' was pure genius. i loved it.

all in all, a great movie, and you should do more epic/funny/cool movies like this in the future.
you're good, keep it up!

PapaLegba responds:

Thanks my man

woah, another good thor-clock movie, about recent CC events!

indeed, i wrote this epic review about rob-clock's movie, where he claimed that animating my script was him getting ''the short straw'' of the deal, obviously meaning that my script was the worst of the whole lot, while in reality it wasnt that bad.
(it was quite enjoyable in fact).

and so, being the little vindictive guy that he is, rob half-heartedly animated his part under my script and he changed many parts of the script so that it will look absurd, revisioned partly, and edited some more, so that it will always portray bb10 in a negative or stupid way.

but, lets say that im OK with him butchering my script. lets even say that i will accept him whining all the time that he got ''the short straw'' of the deal, alright.

he should've at least added me as a co-author in that movie and he should've credited me for my work, without sarcasm, malice or anything else.
i wrote that script, and thanks to my script (and to his good animating skills), he earned the daily 2nd award.

but what can i say? bob will never have any honor or dignity, so my arguments are probably an exercise to futility...

about your movie, thor:

everything was nicely drawn, the clock-characters were cute, and the animation was smooth.
but the best part was how you voice-acted as ''bb10''.
oh man, that was hilarious! excellent work! :D

i loved the moments where ''bb10'' paused and snorted/breathed fast with rage, or when his voice was changing between hostile and friendly, while finishing off with a ''BOB'', as a final insult.

however it IS true, rob-clock does consider the name ''bob'' an inaccurate way to call his name, and he also considers it ''an insult''. he's that thick.

needless to say, i really liked this parody of me, and i wasnt angry at all.
i laughed alot, and i loved this movie, man!
*heavy, angry breathing*

everything in this movie made good fun out of a small dramatic event, and i liked it alot.
the voice-acting was superb.

keep up the good work, thor!

PS: lol, the ''co-author'' move of adding me as a ''writer'' for this movie was a moment of pure genius, hahaha! excellent joke/reference/irony.

Ushnor responds:

Glad you liked it. I was hoping you wouldn't misconstrue it as a personal attack or something, especially since I've already made movies before based on your reviews

this was a beautifully drawn, nicely animated movie, filled with incredible surrealistic visuals, with good and mysterious characters, and with a cool, nice pace in the whole movie.
i was quite impressed by both the main character's actions+expressions, along with the other characters interactions with him, as he emerged+escaped from his native confines.
(that was a great plot twist, BTW!)
the use of the emoticons for faces was great too, a very clever idea indeed...

all in all, this was a visual masterpiece, an ode to surrealism and a great clockday movie as well..
excellent work, keep it up!
have a happy clockday!

ClockRadio responds:

bb10, thank u! your reviews have always been much kinder than i deserve :--)

a good short, clockday movie!
it wasnt long, and it didnt had many scenes, but it was cute, funny and a cute lil tribute to clockday.
good work, man! (keep practicing, tho)

happy clockday!

BuddhaBilski responds:

Thank you for the feed back! And i will continue to practice animation!

great animation, bad message.
(also give me a co-author in your movie for my script)

well, needless to say, the visuals and the quality of the animation of the movie was superb, as its always expected by a skilled artist such as rob.
however, the script, (my script) wasn't successfully transferred to your movie.
many parts of my funny dialogue got missing (or omitted, intentionally or not), BB10's dialogue was shortened into incoherent babble, some details of the trip to the general store were missing and the good details of the battle were either missing, or half-heartedly done, and shortened.

obviously, in most collabs +big projects, many pieces will get shorter, many ideas will get reduced, edited or altered for various reasons, but i sense more malice in this movie than merit, and the only reason it even saw the light of the day, was because, quite frankly, you didnt had anything else ready by then, and this seemed like a good idea.

expressions such as ''i drew the short straw''/ or ''i've got the short end of the straw'' (when getting my script), or reducing one's contribution into nothing or into absurdity will never give you any honour or dignity, my friend.
actions such as these are pretty, vindictive, and beneath you. they make you seem like a bad person, who holds a grudge and it also makes you seem like a very hateful, angry and rather small person.

be a good person, rob. dont be like that.
and while you're at it, give me a co-author in your movie for my script, because, no matter if you liked it or not, i wrote it, and i demand credit for it.

(also calling it ''writing'' in a sarcastic way isn't clever or honorable in any way, FYI.
either animate it, or not. noone ever forced you to animate my script.)

tl;tr, your animation was good, with nicely drawn characters and with a very nice pace in your animation, but my script was twisted and disfigured to grotesque proportions, in order to ridicule me.

good stuff.
keep up the ''good'' work, bob.

RobertClock responds:

The script was entirely rewritten because it was self aggrandizing on your behalf, unfunny, and often incoherent. I’m sorry that your vision wasn’t translated to screen as you desired, but it was not my wish to have adapted your screenplay and given the choice I would have opted not to at all. Your contributions are listed not once but twice- on the title card, and in the ending credits. Happy Clock Day.

an excellent, whimsical movie about time, cold, fear of clocks and about... champagne, ofcourse!
what an excellent movie!
the main character (the scared guy) was nicely drawn, with good face expressions and with nicely animated movements, the wild surprise of the clocks bursting into his living room was superb, and all of the clocks were nicely drawn+animated, and they also looked very adorable as well!

what ensued afterwards is too awesome for me to utter, so i will say to you, dear viewer: its a great movie! go watch it, and vote five!

great work as always, man!
keep it up, and have yourself a happy clockday!

FoXcatO responds:

Oh man, thank you for your kind review.
I'm happy you enjoyed my humble contribution today.

Happy clock day to you too!

wow, this was an impressive, and beautiful work of art!
an excellent CC movie as always, pop-tart, done with nicely drawn characters, with detailed backgrounds, nice scene transitions, good synchronization of image+music, and with some cool story going on, according to the nicely used song's main theme.

carrot clock wants back his crown, and this time, he will get it!

i liked the good CC references+old jokes in it, (such as SBC denying the existence of the Void, or flounderman getting involved in a scandal), and i really liked the general flow+style of the whole movie...

everything was perfect, and its yet again, one more evidence of your great art skills, and of your good storytelling.

keep it up man, and stay awesome!
happy clockday!

Pop-Tart responds:

Well hello there, good sir.

wow, this was a very cool, beautiful clockday movie!

i like how you've drawn the main heroes as the characters of the A.T.H.F., while everything and every character was drawn beautifully, and the voices used matched with those of their corresponding characters...

as for the story, it was quite interesting, since it showed us that the creations (aka=the movie's characters), acknowledged that they were in a flash movie(!!!), and they decided to ask for explanations from their creator, namely the cool redbook clock.

after that, many funny things happened, also the movie had some clicking ''easter eggs'' (brilliant!), and a couple of extra scenes that were quite the surprise here...

great movie, nice humour, nicely drawn characters, smooth animation, and clever inside jokes as well!

lastly, the post-credits scene was really cool!

excellent work, keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

RealRedbookClock responds:

happy clockday!

once again, its an excellent movie of the awesome clock-god of thunder, thor-clock (TM).

i really liked how all the clocks in this film rallied for two different sides in one topic:
to like anime, or to not like anime.

on the evil side, we had triangle (obviously), floppydisk (what?!), and strawberry clock (impossible!).
on the good side, we had the heroic thor-clock (ofc), the strong polyhedron (v. strong), and the legendary bb10 (a great swordsman, from what i've heard).

then, the battle wages on. love, conflict, betrayal and fear, all of the human emotions collide and emerge in this epic battle royale, as heroes and villains fall alike, and the duel between weaboo's and anime-haters wages on...

eventually, as the battle comes to an end, and only two heroes remain, the fate of anime rests on two people: SBC and BB10.
the ending was too superb for me to describe, so i will not spoil it to the other viewers.
watch it, and be impressed by thor-clock's great storytelling skills.

my only complaints about this movie was that:
it should be longer,
bb10 should be more muscular (we need accuracy!), and he should also be carrying a sword, but apart from those minor details, the movie itself was perfect!

excellent work, 10/10, it was very kawaii, and i say: arigato senpai!
keep it up, and do more epic movies like this.

Ushnor responds:

You can not use your sword for such minor conflicts. What would your senpai think if you unleashed your full power?

a great story from the chronicle of the LL: ''The Hunt for the Key of Glorton''.
i like how the characters are all nicely drawn and with good linework, i love how some characters behave in a random way (such as when AMPM pops in to say ''hello guys, whats up!''), i loved it when zteagh-lock talks japanese to pumpkin and calls him a sugoi (so kawaii!!), while trash lock's punchline when he says ''OK, but does anyone know why we have female voices?'', which adds a new twist to the whole action movie, and inserts some much needed humour, in an otherwise serious movie.

i also like how the legendary clock-hero (BB10-clock) was portrayed in the film, showing him helping all the locks to achieve a fragile peace between the CC and the GG, which would help them further into exploring the caves of ulcar, in order to find more clues about the location of the key of glorton.

furthermore, i really liked how the boom-microphone was visible during the last moments of the movie, making fun of the movie itself, and making it look like a home-made video story, it was really funny+clever!

lastly, i think that pumpkin's pessimism about the LL's state was a bit unfounded, because the LL is still in great shape, and its in a much better state than what it was during the ''dead period'' of 2014-2017...
things are looking up, and the LL will rise again.

all in all, it was a funny, pleasant, and wild movie, and i liked it alot.
keep up the good work, pumpkin!

Psi43 responds:

Thank you so much, chris-the-stick2!

I aimed to make this movie - the hunt for the key of Glorton - like the Goonies movie. They all already know each other, just like in the movie E.T. but one thing (the reunion) sets them off to an epic quest.

BB10 was an idea I got when I reviewed a facebook post about the writing of this movie. As everyone knows, the tension between the Lock Legion, the Clock Crew and the Glock Group is as high as the mariana trench nowadays. I didn't think anyone would catch the bit about the Glock Group, when Trash Lock was talking about the female voices but the subtitle said something about a fishing trip. That is an incredible amount of trivia you, as a viewer, caught on to, since the main goal of the Glock Group was and has always been to go on a fishing trip.

The boom mic was a necessity. Without that, the entire movie would have looked stupid. But that boom mic inspired the characters to pick up their act and really pull through, eventually capturing the key of Glorton (despite that story being implied and off screen, but watching this movie, you will definitely know how that adventure would have gone and their struggles and friendship trials, that lead to the capturing of the key).

I do agree that the pessimism of Pumpkin Lock was unfounded. I thought so, too, but I was already 8 months into production of this film when I noticed that. Instead of re-shooting it all (which would have taken at least 2 months), I hoped that the audience wouldn't notice that. Sadly, you did though, and I admit of being lazy for the sake of bringing this film out sooner, rather than reshooting major parts of that. I am sorry. But I am still very thankful for the 10 out of 10 review! I will not make this mistake again.

Thank you for your kind words! I hope you're looking forward to my upcoming film "Pumpkin and Robot are looking for treasures on Mars". It will be a feature film, at one hour and 22 minutes, and it will be awesome. Paramount Pictures granted me 22 million Dollars for production value, so I am sure it will be a bit better than this movie!

It will release in Summer of 2025!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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