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once again, the clockcrew did an excellent collab for xmas, or should i say, ''clockmas''?

well, all of the parts were good, starting from pop-tart's great part, which had nicely drawn characters and smooth animation, along with a very funny story, as mello-yello clock tried to deliver some packages during the holidays season.
then, we've had flounderman's excellent (but also creepy+surreal) part, where officers slurpee and thor clock try to solve a murder case during christmas, and it ends up with quite a bang.
brazil clock's part was short and sweet, and it did the job right, despite its minimalism+ rushed nature.
polyhedron once again delivered a great collab part, full of seasons greetings and classic Cc humour, done in a picturesque way,
while phonograph clock delivered a comedic masterpiece, full of many good sound effects with the clever use of text-to-speech voices, and funny puns+visual jokes as well.
his animation was smooth too, ensuring a very good collab part once again.

futhermore, bolt clock's part was short and sweet, with good visuals and with excellent humour, while his drawing style is good as always.
also, redbook clock's part was very beautiful, festive, and nicely done, with nicely drawn characters, many cameos of famous clocks, and with good humour in the choice of the gifts, during the ''secret santa'' event going on.
mello yello's and jamba clock's gift's scene was a hilarious idea, along with the part about phonograph clock's gift as well...
also, the part where rob clock's refusal to add BB10 in the collab is sadly true, due to rob clock's bad nature, which is evident once again.

as we move on, vuvuzela's part is a visual masterpiece, filled with good drawings of each character, good linework and with a smooth, fast animation speed.
vuvuzela clock's humour is also great, as its been shown many times.

also, melloyello's part was a GREAT adaptation of octopus-clock's script, which formed a splendid xmas part, full of comedy, well known references and various awesome, memorable moments to behold.
an excellent part in general.

switch clock's part was smoothly animated, with nicely drawn characters and good humour, holding all the old-school traditional elements of a classic (old) CC movie, but with a combination of accuracy and of professionalism.

doggo clock did a great stop-motion animation for his part once again, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. what a nice movie! (it was short but good)

thor clock did a splendid part full of festive humour and of the classic CC chaotic jokes about ''violence during expressions'', in which we saw many familiar clocks having their issues with the collab author, more or less.
in that same part, we also glimpse a rare cameo of strawberry clock's ''nose''!
oh dear...

lastly, we see the always amazing mastery of zombie linclock's great animation skills, which was complete with spectacular visuals, a very smooth animation, and with a short, but beautifully executed movie, which brought us a nice ending for this good, festive collab.

all in all, this collab was great, (thanks to all the skileld participants in it), and it would've been even better, if the collab organizer (rob clock) wasnt so petty as to exclude various members of the CC from participating in the collab.

apart from that sad fact, everything else was good.
the intro+credits scene of the collab was good, and the whole presentation was worthy of a proper, big CC collab.

good work people, keep it up, and merry clockmas!

Ushnor responds:

Remember that StrawberryClock’s nose is CANON. StrawberryClock only actually appeared in my colab part. All the other parts had an imposter. Who is this mysterious strawberry with a clock on it that’s pretending to be our king? Really adds an extra layer of mystery and suspense to the colab.
-ThorClock, God of Thunder

RealRedbookClock responds:

Merry clockmas Thor & BB10

wow, what a magnificent movie!

just like thor-clock said in the comments below, this movie feels like one of the good old classic CC movies of older years...
incredible work once again, redbook!

all the clock characters were nicely drawn, with good details in their black-suits and with their cool sunglasses (very clever concept, sunglass(es) for the clock-eye!), while the whole animation was smooth, nicely played and with a very funny and creative story too!

i liked how in the beginning of the movie SBC and piney faced a crazed out swordsman, mr BB10 himself! and how they dealt with him afterwards. (thanks for the cameo!)
i also liked how the team assembled in order to rescue alien hominid from area 51...
the various clock-agents that we saw in there, were some very clever character ideas, with some great pairings too!

tom fulp and B were brilliantly added into the movie, and the whole action scenes of SBC and piney where absolutely spectacular!
the using of the ''disco aliens'' in the later scenes was genius too, a truly brilliant moment in the film's great story.

also rob clock did some cool visuals for SBC's ''action pose'' and for the various ''agents+aliens'' that existed in that one scene.

all in all, this was an old-school style epic clockcrew movie, and i enjoyed every minute of it.
it was clever, funny, full of action, and with many nice jokes!
im very happy with you making this excellent movies, redbook!

you are a shining young artist in the CC's group, and im proud to see you constantly improve with each (great) new movie.
keep up the great work!
you're awesome.

RealRedbookClock responds:


wow, this was a truly spectacular movie!

i liked how nicely animated and clever it was, while its whole setting was very cool and unique, with great use of videogame sound effects+graphics and as such, it made this movie to feel like a proper videogame...

apart from that, this movie had many nicely drawn characters, smooth animation, and very good humour in it.
there were many moments where i could see small CC jokes hidden in each corner.

also, i loved how the orange+apple battle VS banana-lock concluded, it was very cool.
SBC's missions and rewards were cool and very funny, while all of the clock's cameos where clever, cute and well-thought out, from iron clock in the bar, to AMPM as the crazed cop, to pop-tart as the chilling guy at the bench, to many more.
(also thanks for the BB10 cameos, i really appreciate it)

every single ''stage'' of the movie felt fresh, unique, and very funny, as our heroes progressed into the next area where they could spread SBC's glory to new audiences...

the ''R1, L2, up, down, left'' part reminded me of the old-time cheat codes and it was nice to see as well, and everything in this movie was absolutely awesome.

this movie was a real gem, full of action+humour, so i congratulate you, my friend.
keep up the great work!

MelloYelloClock responds:

thanks bb10!!

what a great collab!
only THOR-CLOCK, GOD OF THUNDER could manage such a difficult task.
i liked all of the people's parts, from doggo clock's stopmotion animation, to poly's animation about the two rival 10 second collabs, octopus clock's part about some clocks smokign weed, and i really liked poly's/thor's parts where the clocks where chilling at the ''atomic bar''. (who did those parts?! they were very funny and nicely animated)

the biggest surprise in this collab was the wild screen aspect ratio, AKA a crazy height X width aspect, which made me scroll alot in order to see each part...
but nothing good ever comes easy, right?

i shall write a rap piece about this epic collab's need for scrolling:

''they see me scroling,
to see the flash movie,
and they laghin',
im just scrolling dirty
im just scrolling dirty''

-end of epic rap poem-

and last but not least, the best part was that rob clock wasnt in this collab.
or was he?!
LOL jk
heh, seriously tho, this was a funny CC collab, thanks for adding me in, folks.
keep it up.

OctopusClock responds:

r u ok

chris-the-stick responds:

i like leaving long, spammy and funny reviews.
i joke around and i vote 5.

this is another top-quality collab by the clockcrew.

in it, we witness many cool CC short parts, each being only 10 seconds long, but full of funny scenes, wild jokes, and cool characters.

to begin with, melloyello's part was really funny, with pinaeapple having to watch for SBC's ''dog'', which was just a balloon dog.
grey clock's parts were dark and surreal, and they tapped nicely into the ''bizarre'' field, with them being crazy, but in a good way.
i liked the hidden symbolism in the arm's tattoo, which featured triangle clock, B, Α (alpha), and Ω (omega), along with the words ''sinister''(clock) in it.
the ending of grey's parts was very memorable, to say the least.

also, the other part where radio-clock was talking about the same thing to inkwell-clock non-stop was quite funny and clever, while redbook's parts where amazing, and really funny too.
(from his quest for a PC to how he became SBC's jester, or how he dealt with doggo clock's training).
another fine part is doggo clock's part, which was created by filming a stop-motion animation with actual paper drawings of the clock-protagonists, and it was incredibly well done and funny. i was proud to voice-act for his part.
similarly, phonograph clock's part was also funny with a cool BB10 cameo, although it exaggerated on all of its jokes, LOL!
brazil clock's part moved in the same vein, with the shock factor going high, combined with dirty humour. (still a good part).
the same can be said about phantomcat's clever parody.
whoever did the ''bot clock is lame'' part about bot-clock and iron-clock's adventures was a genius. (it was probably by polyhedron clock?)
and speaking of polyhedron, his other part about the 2 ''10 second collabs'' was really funny, with good visuals and sharp humour.
bolt-clock's part shined a bit of truth on why my collab part was never included in this collab:
because rob clock doesnt like me, and he ignored my collab part, despite the fact that i've submitted it on time in the chat, before the deadline.
thats how rob clock acts, and thats his modus operandi. how... typical of him.

moving on, the part where SBC is flying in space, in order to visit a (space)MC-donald's was very cool, nicely animated and creative, while brazil clock's part with pub#muppet was really funny and cool.

the way the parts where all arranged was cool, the organization and the quality of all the parts was good, and the whole theme of the collab was nice+original.

the only downside of this collab, is that there were not ''title cards'' for each collab part, so, if i didnt knew who did each part beforehand (or if couldnt recognize each part by its animation style), it would be hard for new viewers to recognize who did each part.
i would suggest for you to add title-cards for each collab part, so that we can know who did what.

(also subtitles would be nice for some parts, but thats purely optional).

all in all, it was a good collab, and i really enjoyed it.
keep up the good work, everybody!

wdk9 responds:

Thanks BB, and thanks for voice acting my bit!

brazilclock responds:

i had to learn english just to tell you that i didn't make the pube puppet part, i made the sbc jumping into space one. no problem.

OMG! once again, we see (yet again), another fine installment by the real thor-clock TM, god of thunder!!!1

in this episode of the series, we see the brave BB10 clock watching thor clock who is watching SBC, who's watching the Jitterbug commercial.
what a mighty mess!
who's watching BB10, who's watching thor-clock, who's watching SBC, who's watching the Jitterbug commercial?

i will tell you: we do!
(GASP! the 4th wall has been broken... damn! who will fix it now?)

all JK aside, this was a funny movie, which messed with BB10 clock's habit of talking with various clocks, analysing stuff and questioning many things, as he notices them.
an excellent parody, to say the least.

good work, my friend.
have a happy clockday!

Ushnor responds:

*heavy breathing*

another fine installment by the real thor-clock TM, god of thunder.
in this episode, we see the brave thor clock watching SBC, who's watching the Jitterbug commercial.

some might consider that thor clock is spying on SBC...
but i say no: thor-clock is just carefully watching over SBC, in order to protect him from his various enemies.

uhh yeah. thats it!
excellent movie bro, keep em coming!
happy clockday!

Ushnor responds:

Look forward the the sequel !

an interesting movie, filled with action, haste, and a surprising twist!
glorious c(l)ock day movie, keep up the good work!

have a happy clockday, BTW.

DaVaP responds:

C l ock day yes thanks for the 5

this was an adorable and nicely planned clockday movie!

i liked the squidgy linework used for strawberry clock and for the other characters, it made it look like a proper, old-school CC movie!
also the whole story was great: SBC going back in time, so that he can get those (now out of stock) cool old batman action figures!

and then, the final confrontation scene with batman was superb!
i liked how batman was twisting and saying ''noone can escape from batmmmmmman!'' every time, it was a brilliant scene of comedic genius.

the ending was spectacular too...
all in all, this was an awesome, funny and nicely animated clockday movie.
keep up the great work, man!
happy clockday!

Doctor-Gordon responds:

i couldn't expect less from you stichris happy clockday to you too

this was a great movie indeed!

i liked how you've drawn strawberry clock, as he's watching that cool Jitterbug commercial on TV.
and speaking of Jitterbug, what a cool company!
i should definitely use their cellphone lines services, they sound perfect for that! ;)

all in all, this was a good clockday movie, filled with suspense, action, and Jitterbugs.
keep it up, oh thor, mighty god of thunder, and have a happy clockday! :D

Ushnor responds:

In this movie review, which is objectively the best movie review ever made, BB10Clock watches StrawberryClock watch a commercial for the Jitterbug line of cellphones and then review it.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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