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this is a really nice animation, with a cute story, its a nicely orchestrated film with a good FPS speed, fluid animation, nice linework, and good character designs, despite their (seeming) simplicity.

also, i love how nicely the character's face expressions and movements are drawn, while the cockroaches+the humanoid creature that tries to help them are really nice, cute and cool characters to observe!
question: did you used mostly FBF, or tweens?
and what was your FPS speed?

all in all, this was a really nice, innocent, and cute movie, with beautiful, fluid animation, with good speed and a nice setting in general, while its design+style remained unique and charming.
great work my friend!
i see lots of potential in you, so keep practising and you will become (even) better!
keep up the great work!

Demetrios responds:

Thank you for your kind words! I really enjoyed making this animation and plan on making several to follow up with. Keep on the look out! ^_^

Even though I do not respond immediately due to work and school, I read every single one of your replies. :)

As to answer your questions: I have used FBF this entire episode with 12FPS.

Thank you again! To hear how much you enjoy viewing is great motivation for me to make more animations!

Always continue to be an amazing person! :)

good movie: it had an (almost) immortal, interesting protagonist, it justified his resistance to bullets thanks to the ''armour'' counter next to his health bar, then it had MANY scenes of good, solid action, good animation speed, nice FBF sequences, and flawless battle choreography.
plus, both the characters, the guns,, AND the backgrounds were all nicely drawn, with good details, and everything was nicely combined, into one cool, action-filled animation.
good movie, nice animation skills...

this was a quality stick-movie.
keep it up, and make more cool stuff like this!

Xefcoolerz responds:

LOL thanks "sticky" if you know what i mean! haha!

hehehe... clever use of DJ khaled's joke on his wife, with the (now)classic family guy scene of stevie annoying his mom in the same way.

good use of the snap-vid soundfile, and good editing on the (already existing) family guy scene+characters.
did you draw DJ khaled's face on your own?
if yes, congrats! its a good drawing of his face.
if not, its OK... your movie is still good, and i will assume that this was a sprite design of his face.
either way, your movie was funny, and it delivered a good pun.

good work.

PointBlankAnimations responds:

Thank you for your review! And to answer your question, we did draw DJ Khaled's face.

like i've said before, this was a great movie, with nice drawings of bluestone-clock and of his enemy, strawberry-lock, having a wild chase scene on horseback and then an epic gun-fight, which results in the final scene, and with bluestone-clock's triumph.

you've drawn all the characters nicely, with some good face/clock/lock expressions, with good characteristics, nicely drawn guns, hats, and with a decent background.

my only objections are that:
-you should add a preloader, or a play/replay button.
but dont worry, because this can be easily fixed in your next movies...

-you should add some shooting sounds, and a western music in your movie.
it would make this already good movie 10 times better!

-the horses should be more detailed/better drawn, for they were quite minimalistic, to say the least.

all in all, this was a good movie, full of action+epic gun fights, but it could be better, if you would add some more things.
keep up the good work, and make more clock-themed movies!
you rock!

BluestoneTE responds:

i already added shooting sounds and western music, in the mp4 version.

such sorcery! how?! XD

really nice effects dude, i liked it alot.
my only suggestion: you should've added a blue portal somewhere else as well...
it would be more ''complete'', in terms of portal-lore, at least.

i wonder, did you used green screen for this?
good work, i found it cool.

JustineHrishi responds:

Thank you sir! I appreciate your support will make a new one with blue portal soon.
I didn't used any green screen sir .

well, this was sad, and nicely depicted, as it showed us a devastated, broken sonic, who barely clung to life, and whose time was soon coming to an end...
(its similar to the actual status of the character in the videogame franchise: the character's popular and he's nicely designed, but his games have long-lost their artistic flare/the ''fun'' element a long time ago, and nowadays, only silly/random/empty games with sonic get created, with the result of lower sales for (new) sonic games, and the eventual ''death'' of the character...

even if sonic's existence will get prolonged+supported by various nostalgia fans/random gamers/sonic-lovers(both in a good/bad way)...
soon, one day his presence will end, due to the developer's lack of commitment/originality, which damage the whole v-game industry, in many ways.
(a repetition, that is also seen in various super-mario/luigi/zelda titles, to a lesser extend).

NOW! about the movie:
the start/setting was excellent, the hospital was drawn nicely, and i liked that the background had a dark, gloomy sky, showing the general melancholy of the whole setting...
also, showing mario appearing through a green pipe in the hospital's front yard, was another good detail! bravo!
the nurses/hospital room/sonic/sonic's friends/mario AKA=the whole characters of the movie were nicely drawn, they had good face expressions, their movements+actions were nicely animated, the whole scene was executed perfectly, with NO need for dialogue whatsoever, (which is a difficult thing to achieve in a movie, and thats good...), and a nice sequence of events, which lead to the character's tragic demise:
sega created (yet again) one more (unoriginal) sonic game, and it turns out that THIS was the last straw that killed sonic, making him to fail and to die, which resulted in mario preparing a ''+1-UP'' (extra life/revival) mushroom, (in order to save sonic), but alas, shadow told to mario that ''it was too late''(and that people were beating a dead horse, in this case, a broken idol...).
so, sonic died, and his life-ring fell down, and crumbled in pieces... (this was also one of the best scenes in the whole movie, very nicely animated, with good FPS speed, and good details, it was by far one of the best+most memorable scenes of the movie... very sad and dramatic...)
also the character's expressions with them seeing sonic's end were spot-on, from the obsessive girlfriend amy, to the devastated friend/protege of sonic, tails, to the calm+reserved shadow, who grieved his acquaintances death in a more distant, ballanced way... with some sadness, yes, but without any obvious signs of strong emotions...
thats shadow for you!

all in all, great work, good design, excellent animation, and clever criticism on today's gaming/videogames ''quality''(or lack thereof).

you are awesome, keep up the good work!

Ant0on responds:

Wow! :D Really amazing to read such detailed impressions and deep analysis lol. Thank you for taking your time to write about such thoughtful observation! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the film, and I hope you will enjoy the continuation of this story in part 2!

a very nice collection of animations that you've created throughout the year...
good animations, nice design, nicely drawn characters, and alot of action, while i like the few bits of humour here and there...
good work, i like your skills, keep it up!

Ismartal responds:

Thank you very much, I hope to continue to improve it

short but sweet, i liked the underlying horror that lurked behind the artist's (a madnessified dali, am i right?!) face/nature...
i liked how he trapped the poor man into his surrealistic movie.

if only you've added a few fight scenes, where the madness dude fights off some surrealistic monsters (abominations from hieronymous bosch's drawings? grotesque creatures from goya's paintings? there are many choices for scary characters that you can add in your movie... (in order to create a fight in paintings.. even that screaming creature from munh's ''the scream''... ))
if you would've added those things, and a final confrontation/fight of the dude VS the artist, then this would be a more complete movie...

other than that, it was good tho.
and nicely animated.

good work.

Rgessimai responds:

thx u

hahaha! this was a funny recreation of the (already) funny scene of XXX: the new badassery film returns...
i really liked how you drew vin dizel's face (XXX), and how you drew his tattoo's, while i also like how you drew the girl, and i also liked the way you drew HER tattoos... it was clever.
also, you delivered the punchline perfectly, and the narration/the voice-acting/the whole design of the show was VERY good.

like i (already)said above, you might have a stickman for the narrator's role, but you've drawn vin dizel+the tattoo girl really really well, with some very funny face expressions+tattoos, and thats a win in my book.
this was a really cool, funny and nicely executed movie.

great movie, keep up the good work, and make more stuff like this!

tonyfamous responds:

Hey, thanks for the really positive review. Most people don't realize how long it takes to make even a simple ( very simple ) animation like this, so I really appreciate it. :-)

nice movie, i liked the humour, and the fast-paced summarisation of the whole movie...
along with the clever commentary+the jokes between scenes...

good work, keep it up, its cool!
you should do more stuff like this.

duffosaur responds:

thanks and i will make another

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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