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VERY good.

i must say, VERY good drawing.

i love the face, style, and colours in this,
as well as the expression and the look of her. great work.
do more.


das glurich!


i love this, the colours, and the shading! and the face, oh, the face!
how did you draw this?

pencil, digital, or photoshop, man?
what medium did you use?

next time, do a n image, about dr.strange-love strangling his face, with his (self attacking) hand. (if you remember from the movie, his hand, was attacking his face)

again, great job! keep this up!

excellent! love this!

man, that's some AMAZING, art here.
i mean, the spy looks like he's liquid(is that right) and he is so fluid, and bondy and elastic, you almost think he could melt and bounce his way back to safety!
love the heavy drawing/mask, and the whole ''short engineer, who shouts, a spy! a spy!'' all-over the place, and he is struggling to get him.

it's a great artwork, reminding me of bottaro, and it's great.
you've got LOTS of skill, and quite unique at that.
thanks fgor doing such a great entry.

do more

hmmm man

hahahaha! so fun, and insightfull!

good work, man! great stuff., but also, great humour...

great work!

the colours, the lighting/shade, the eyes, the whole face/setup, ...wonderfull! you do GREAT job, keep it up! :)

good thing.

...i only regret not beeing there.
great pic, again, in an awesome, not-outlined fashion.
so good. :)

i really love this.

well, this is great, i REALLY loved this.
uhh, i wonder who is the defendant/accuser , and who is the other side...
anyway, a good pun would B, to have sockpuppet, as the defendant, cause he would be sockpates-clock, one in-side-joke, baout him beeing wit a similar name.

uhhh, nice story, and i LOVE how this is without outlines, like pin-clock, does with his style...
great work.

great job...

really now.... that's GREAT!
umm.. did you used a pic as a refference, or you actually traced the original? cause this is WAY too good to be... like this.

anyway, i think that u 've got talents, you should seek this out proffesionally.
what programs, did u used to animate this?!

wow. that's great!

well, even if the subject of a dystopia is dis-heartening... it's a great drawing/pic!
i love the shine on the gasmask/reflexion on the light/viewer, and i love the reflexion the light does on the goggles, so that we can witness for ourselves the horrible enviroment the cleaner is in.great work.

do more.
ps. i think, if you want to experiment with inking, you should draw a NEW pic, cause inking a pencil drawing, could ruin the picture, so better try this with a NEW drawing. keep this as it is, it's epic.

but try making a similar work, on paper, and after penciling it, ink it. then, we might see the (wonderfull) results! (but, please.. don't ink this.) 5/5

excellent drawing.

the eyes, and the shine on the face/body look awesome. what did you use to draw this? digital programs, or pastels!.. i'm just wondering?

uhh, it's great, i only think the mouth, the lips could be fuller... VERY nice drawing...
and also, did you draw the cell-phone? amazing... it's like life-like...
same with the girl's face... whoah. excellent lighting.

the hand on the right/fingernails could be with a bit more lighting/shine, where needed.
(lighting on hand, shine on the nails). othr than that, it's p. much flawless.

you should do more, this iz epic!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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