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good thing.

...i only regret not beeing there.
great pic, again, in an awesome, not-outlined fashion.
so good. :)

i really love this.

well, this is great, i REALLY loved this.
uhh, i wonder who is the defendant/accuser , and who is the other side...
anyway, a good pun would B, to have sockpuppet, as the defendant, cause he would be sockpates-clock, one in-side-joke, baout him beeing wit a similar name.

uhhh, nice story, and i LOVE how this is without outlines, like pin-clock, does with his style...
great work.

great job...

really now.... that's GREAT!
umm.. did you used a pic as a refference, or you actually traced the original? cause this is WAY too good to be... like this.

anyway, i think that u 've got talents, you should seek this out proffesionally.
what programs, did u used to animate this?!

wow. that's great!

well, even if the subject of a dystopia is dis-heartening... it's a great drawing/pic!
i love the shine on the gasmask/reflexion on the light/viewer, and i love the reflexion the light does on the goggles, so that we can witness for ourselves the horrible enviroment the cleaner is in.great work.

do more.
ps. i think, if you want to experiment with inking, you should draw a NEW pic, cause inking a pencil drawing, could ruin the picture, so better try this with a NEW drawing. keep this as it is, it's epic.

but try making a similar work, on paper, and after penciling it, ink it. then, we might see the (wonderfull) results! (but, please.. don't ink this.) 5/5

excellent drawing.

the eyes, and the shine on the face/body look awesome. what did you use to draw this? digital programs, or pastels!.. i'm just wondering?

uhh, it's great, i only think the mouth, the lips could be fuller... VERY nice drawing...
and also, did you draw the cell-phone? amazing... it's like life-like...
same with the girl's face... whoah. excellent lighting.

the hand on the right/fingernails could be with a bit more lighting/shine, where needed.
(lighting on hand, shine on the nails). othr than that, it's p. much flawless.

you should do more, this iz epic!

so odd.

but yet, so good! i enjoyed the look on the character's face, as well as the design of the kid, and the ''birdies'' look... nice expression, and i like the contrast between the ''happy, joyfull'', and ''dark, scary/demented'' enviroment,/thinking.

good work, i say!
love the expressions.

that's REALLY good!555

great drawing! each time i see it, it seems very good-looking (unlike wolverine, LOL!) and very... fitting. i can't help but imagine popeye like hogan, and be all-wolverine -like, and saying ''im wolvey-e the wolverein man!'' SLASH SLASH and he slashes the screen logo, into an ''X'', like x-men! hahahaha!
you're very creative, and fun!

lastly, you could do the same with some looney tunes, characters, or with *shudder* sonic! haha
or simply draw disney characters.

you're good man, keep at it! 55

Dekathos responds:


good one!

quite scary, and good-looking!
nice one! you could try drawing peter, or jonah j. jameson! (as i stated before in your other drawings...)

you have talent, just show it to the rest of NG!

Dekathos responds:

UHHHHHHHH. I think Newgrounds would disagree!!! In fact for ten years I think it has. Hahahha


very good drawing of daffy, even tho, i don't think he is lame as he is now (bitter guy who hates bugs, and tries to reach his level) but he's also more of a combination of the psyco/cool bitter guy who dislikes bugs.

i think they evened out his old negative habits, and his good present traits.
but that's me.

i also enjoyed duck dodgers, back then. still do.
good drawing, man.

Dekathos responds:

Idsjks We already had this conversation I guess. There's a new show on CartoonNetWork and it looks more like animaniacs then Looney tunes. Some things should be left alone.

good stuff..!

it's quite good, i liked how you did the gargoyle's characters, and it's kinda sad how the girl is dead, but oh well! good depiction, of the series...
too bad i haven't seen the series alot since i was young, never got the chance, huh.
anyway, good pic, nice drawing, has gewd shading, but man, th goliath's hands and feet looked a bit...flat, to me.

that's all. and dem's wings could have some bit more shadin', but it's good anyway.

this is good, despite it's sad story.

Dekathos responds:

:/ Ok. I'm no photoshop expert or very good with colors or lighting. And drawing hands have always been a problem for me... I need more practice.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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