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very good drawing of daffy, even tho, i don't think he is lame as he is now (bitter guy who hates bugs, and tries to reach his level) but he's also more of a combination of the psyco/cool bitter guy who dislikes bugs.

i think they evened out his old negative habits, and his good present traits.
but that's me.

i also enjoyed duck dodgers, back then. still do.
good drawing, man.

Dekathos responds:

Idsjks We already had this conversation I guess. There's a new show on CartoonNetWork and it looks more like animaniacs then Looney tunes. Some things should be left alone.

good stuff..!

it's quite good, i liked how you did the gargoyle's characters, and it's kinda sad how the girl is dead, but oh well! good depiction, of the series...
too bad i haven't seen the series alot since i was young, never got the chance, huh.
anyway, good pic, nice drawing, has gewd shading, but man, th goliath's hands and feet looked a bit...flat, to me.

that's all. and dem's wings could have some bit more shadin', but it's good anyway.

this is good, despite it's sad story.

Dekathos responds:

:/ Ok. I'm no photoshop expert or very good with colors or lighting. And drawing hands have always been a problem for me... I need more practice.

excellent drawing!

great job, with that, it's kinda epic, and i love all the details, like the muddy clothes, and the drooling mouth, very good work, great details on the ''monster''.
good stuff, you should post more, you've got talent!


fun, and quite clever use of the thumbs, my man! you fooled us all!
great job, on the humour, great work in the punchlines, and great details in art/cxharacterz

or in the expressions. great expressions. did i say''great'' alot? it made me laugh, and was well-done,
nice work, here. love the expressions/colours/girl.

Luichemax responds:

WOW .... thanks so much, I made this drawing to celebrate the birthday of this character ...
was made nanquin, color pencil and some crayons ...

hahaha ... so nice that you made a mistake .... naughty

really good.

really well done. the expression, the lighting, the hair. simpleh awesome!
really, well, done! i think you portrayed the wet-hair-look prefect-ly. u get 5/5, gret job


this is epic, yet still:
1.is she a zzombie/down? umm wierd skin colour.
2nd awesome body work, and good anatomy, but man, the left hip (in our view) and in case you dont get it, HER right hip, seems a bit ''pointy umm'' and odd.
also i wonder why it has a shark in the background?
anyhow... umm i wonder what he did there.... :X

anyway, great pic, can't wait to see more! pretty girl, even if strange..

well, it's..

great! isn't it, the... SHIP you was talking about that had many satelite dishes, and was full of radiowave equip.s..., and stuffs?
and it was on the us army until the 60's and on the seventie s, it got on tape? (for sci-fi movie mate)
it's good! was this at a movie, at flash?
i remember it on the epic satelite flash... 5/5

well, great!1

you should rely do a halo 3 inspired movie, or on ODST... it could hav clocks, helping the hero/spartanz or the/mc...
great pic, btw.. 5 and u get 5

great pic

amazing. really good pic. i wonder if you could do more tricks with light...!
great pic, tho, really impressive, with the boat, in two pieces.
great pic

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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